Empowering small businesses through innovative resources

It’s a win-win for small businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs with UC’s Center for Entrepreneurship

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, small businesses often overlook opportunities to tap into cutting-edge innovations and the wisdom of experienced business leaders.

The University of Cincinnati's dynamic Center for Entrepreneurship bridges this gap.

Entrepreneurs, managers and businesses eager for substantial growth can leverage the center's rich offerings, backed by UC's distinguished faculty, driven students and a network of regional corporate and professional affiliates.

UC has garnered global recognition for its trailblazing thought leaders, researchers and scholars in both for-profit and nonprofit leadership realms. Through a fusion of corporate acumen and academic expertise, UC's entrepreneurship programs can swiftly propel small ventures toward new heights of profitability and prosperity. Here’s how!

Building growth through specialized services

  • Small Business Institute consulting program (SBI): Nestled within UC’s esteemed Carl H. Lindner College of Business, SBI fosters a mutually enriching exchange between eager students hungry for entrepreneurial insights and corporate ventures seeking to enhance their success.
  • Executive education and development program: Tailored educational programs empower business leaders, executives and organizations to confront strategic challenges head-on and seize opportunities that drive company success. 
  • The Warren Bennis Leadership Institute: This institute offers workshops, retreats and personalized executive education geared toward honing leadership skills, fostering team cohesion and strategic planning. 
  • Goering Center for Family and Private Business: A vital source of actionable knowledge for business teams, the center also serves as a forum for like-minded leaders to forge mutually advantageous, authentic relationships within a resourceful community, accessible exactly when needed.

The Goering Center, in particular, offers a gateway to individuals who have confronted the same challenges that new and small businesses grapple with today. It provides a supportive community where budding entrepreneurs can seek advice, build crucial connections and cultivate meaningful relationships with experienced business leaders. 

While centering its focus on family and privately-owned businesses, the Goering Center is committed to ensuring sustained financial success across generations.

Jim Perry, president of Perry Contracting, emphasizes, “It’s an indispensable resource for new entrepreneurs. Running a business can feel overwhelming and isolating, but at the Goering Center, you can glean valuable advice from some really smart people.”

Elevate your business to new heights with UC’s Center for Entrepreneurship. The diverse array of academically rooted and corporately centered programs offers invaluable resources that yield robust connections, foster stronger relationships within the business community and provide indispensable education.

Featured image at top: New business entrepreneurs meet with professional affiliates. Photo/Cherrydeck via Unsplash

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