Duo universal prompt rollout begins Dec. 14

The University of Cincinnati's Digital Technology Solutions will begin rolling out the new Duo universal prompt for two-factor authentication on Dec. 14.

What's new

Screen grab of new Duo Universal Prompt

This minor update provides a simplified Duo experience with a modern design.

The login process is streamlined by defaulting to your last authentication method and introduces the enhanced "Yes, trust browser" option for easier reauthentication on trusted devices.

What you can expect

The first time you use the Duo Universal Prompt, the system will automatically select the most secure method based on the devices you've registered in your Duo settings.

For the best balance of convenience and security, the UC Office of Information Security recommends using Duo Push via the Duo Mobile app. 

Screengrab of Duo Universal Prompt device options screen with "Duo Push" circled in red
Screengrab of Duo Universal Prompt "Push" prompt

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