Hewlett Packard Enterprise makes gift to the University of Cincinnati

New gift of supercomputing resources propels advanced research computing at UC

A recent gift from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to the University of Cincinnati’s Advanced Research Computing Center will make high-performance computing at the UC center even more valuable to UC’s research enterprise.

HPE’s supercomputing resources will be used for testing and creating learning environments at the Advanced Research Computing Center (ARCC) at Digital Futures, an interdisciplinary research facility at UC.

This gift allows our extraordinary students and faculty to stay on the leading edge of the technology, advance our nation, and solve problems that matter.

Jane Combs director, Advanced Research Computing Center

The ARCC’s high-performance computing infrastructure supports and accelerates computational research and scholarship and provides tools and services used by researchers for artificial intelligence, modeling and simulation and machine learning.

Jane Combs, director of the ARCC, explains that the center consists of multiple computers that can be used individually or as one supercomputer.

“The addition of the HPE’s gift of supercomputing resources will also allow staff and students to test new ideas and learn new skills without concern of degrading the UC’s production systems, which serves to support mission-critical national scientific research,” she said. “Students can learn in a safe playground environment instead of being heavily restricted on production systems which can impede their skill acquisition. Partnerships such as ours are important. This gift allows our extraordinary students and faculty to stay on the leading edge of the technology, advance our nation, and solve problems that matter.”

Since 1939, HPE has been a leader in technology and corporate culture, inspiring innovators, and entrepreneurs around the globe.

“Making supercomputing and training accessible to research students is critical to developing fundamental skills in computational science to accelerate scientific breakthroughs and AI,” said Trish Damkroger, chief product officer and senior vice president, HPC, AI & Labs at HPE. “We are proud to deepen our collaboration with UC’s Advanced Research Computing Center to make supercomputing resources available to both researchers and UC students that will prepare them for the workforce, create new knowledge, and make a long-lasting contribution to society.”

Combs points out that the ARCC processes research data from “cradle to grave,” meaning it allows for safe and secure transfer, analysis and storage of research data.

The ARCC’s super-fast servers, tools, storage, and expert services are available to the computational community of greater Cincinnati. The ARCC is taking on new clients.

Featured image at top: Jane Combs and students and staff from the ARCC team. Photo/Chris Radcliffe for the UC Foundation

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