EveryDay Health: How to talk to your family about your metastatic breast cancer diagnosis

The University of Cincinnati Cancer Center's Elizabeth Shaughnessy spoke with EveryDay Health about how to talk with family members following a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis.

Shaughnessy said it is helpful to write out some questions you think family may ask and their answers ahead of time.

“This can be very helpful,” said Shaughnessy, MD, PhD, director of survivorship and supportive services at the Cancer Center, adjunct professor and vice chair for patient experience in UC's College of Medicine. “It is a very emotional topic. Just the stress of having a conversation can cause the release of stress hormones, and this can make you forget what you wanted to say.” 

It can also be helpful to suggest to partners or grown children that you need help, Shaughnessy said.

“You could say, ‘I will need help setting up and attending appointments and treatments, and it would also be helpful if someone could arrange for food and transportation for me,’” Shaughnessy said.

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Featured photo at top of pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon. Photo/Lludmila Chernetska/iStock.

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