Unveiling the legacy: UC's vibrant tribute to Women's History Month

A monthlong celebration showcasing women's achievements, resilience and contributions

In commemoration of Women's History Month this March, the University of Cincinnati unveils a dynamic series of programs and events, spotlighting the remarkable achievements of women within and beyond the UC community.

From conquering barriers to improving the world for all women, the university promises an exhilarating lineup of events coinciding with International Women's Day on March 8.

Kicking off on March 1, the UC Women’s Center will host the Eighth Annual Black Feminist Symposium, a vibrant celebration dedicated to the exploration of Black feminist thought, scholarship and activism.

Themed "Revolutionary Sisterhood," the symposium invites participants to reimagine sisterhood through a full day of engaging speakers, thought-provoking panels, workshops and networking opportunities. Notably, the event will feature Ohio's renowned Rhiannon Carnes. founder and executive director of Ohio Women's Alliance. Dive into a day of enlightenment — learn more and secure your spot.

March 7 marks an interactive celebration of International Women's Day on Mainstreet, a highlight of UC's student staff program initiatives honoring the achievements and contributions of women around the globe.

Later in the month, attend a “Lunch & Lobby” with representatives of the UC Women’s Center, including director Dana Bisignani, assistant director Charmaine Moore Kitsinis and program manager Core Black for insights into diverse careers. The events on March 20, are designed to connect students with leaders doing intersectional gender justice work in Greater Cincinnati and the state of Ohio, focusing on growing student networks, connecting to volunteer opportunities and highlighting possible career paths.

As the month progresses, celebrate woman by creating a paper doll of yourself or someone you admire at “Crafternoon: Paper Doll Edition.”

During the “Full Moon Circle: The Triple Goddess” event, explore the mystical and spend intentional time in breath work to center, release what isn't serving us and express gratitude for what is working.

Join the festivities for UC Women’s Center's 45th Anniversary on March 27, and the inaugural UC Women’s March. Learn more and register for any one of the exciting UC Women’s Center events. 

Honoring a legacy: Women's impact since 1878

Vintage portrait photo of UC's Winona Lee Hawthorne

Winona Lee Hawthorne

Since Winona Lee Hawthorne was the first woman to earn a degree from UC in 1878, women have been building an impressive legacy as Bearcat students and alumnae.

Today, women constitute the majority of graduating classes, consistently elevating the institution, communities and various fields.

The UC Alumni Association proudly marks Women’s History Month, celebrating the excellence of the past and present, and eagerly anticipating what lies ahead.

Art HERstory unveiled: Rediscovering Renaissance women

Vintage framed painting of Catharina Van Hemessen's "Scourging of Christ" portraying Christ tied to a pole while being flogged by a man on either side.

Catharina van Hemessen's 'Scourging of Christ,' oil on wood, 1556, private collection. Photo/Christopher Platts

From March 8 through April 30, delve into the triumphs and struggles of women artists, art collectors and rulers during the Renaissance era through the exhibition titled, "Rediscovering Catharina van Hemessen’s 'Scourging of Christ': Women Artists, Patrons and Rulers in Renaissance Europe" at UC’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning Library (DAAP).

Co-curated by Christopher Platts, UC DAAP assistant professor of art history, Elizabeth Meyer, head of the DAAP Library and Mike Ruzga, an independent art conservator, the exhibition focuses on Hemessen, the most famous woman artist of the Northern Renaissance, her signed painting of Christ's Passion from 1556 and her patron, Mary Hungary, regent of the Netherlands.

The exhibition features paintings, prints, rare books and illuminated manuscripts, shedding light on the significant roles women played in the European Renaissance between 1400 and 1600. Find detailed information on exhibition gallery talks here.

"Our exhibition will contribute to the important trend in art history and museum studies to revise or balance history by focusing more on talented women artists, collectors and rulers in this early period," affirms Platts.

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