WCPO: Cincinnati a hub for stroke research

WCPO highlighted the Steps for Stroke 2024 event, raising money to advance stroke research, including at the University of Cincinnati.

Bethany Moeddel, a two-time stroke survivor, participated in the event for the 12th time on March 17 and told WCPO her parents brought her to the University of Cincinnati because of its status as a world-class leader in stroke research and patient care. 

The UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute has recently been renewed as the National Coordinating Center for NIH StrokeNet, overseeing all clinical trials and other federally funded stroke research across the country.

UC's Stacie Demel, DO, PhD, provided opening remarks at the Steps for Stroke event. She said while there has been great progress in preventing and treating strokes and in stroke rehabilitation, there is still more work to be done.

"My hope is that with ongoing research we'll be able to treat patients who weren't included in those initial studies," she told WCPO. "Maybe it's patients who have some disability at baseline who were included in those initial trials."

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Featured photo at top of UC Health's mobile stroke unit courtesy of UC Health.

Remember how to identify a stroke

Because of the quick onset of stroke, it is important to know the FAST mnemonic device that details the most common signs of stroke and how to respond:

  • F: Facial drooping
  • A: Arm or leg drop, or weakness in the arm or leg
  • S: Speech issues, such as slurred speech or an inability to get your words out
  • T: Time is of the essence; call 911 immediately


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