Built-to-rent home inventory increases in Cincinnati region

UC real estate professor tells the Cincinnati Enquirer the trend could help ease housing shortages

Options are increasing for people who want the benefits of living in a house without the need for a mortgage as the number of built-to-rent homes is increasing in the Cincinnati region, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

Gary Painter headshot

Gary Painter

There are 1,179 built-to-rent houses in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky with more than 300 built last year in single-family rental communities.

The houses offer more space than the typical apartment, offer green space and provide more peace and quiet for renters.

However, some communities have concerns about the developments, worrying about potential traffic congestion or negative impacts on housing values.

Gary Painter, PhD, the academic director of the University of Cincinnati’s Carl H. Lindner College of Business real estate program and a professor of real estate, thinks those concerns are misplaced.

“We should welcome building housing wherever we can, where it makes sense,” Painter said. “At the end of the day, it’s providing more (housing) units to keep up with demand.”

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Featured image at top: A man constructs a new home. Photo/Josh Olalde via Unsplash

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