Local 12: Diabetes study focuses on how long blood sugar control can be maintained

The University of Cincinnati's Robert Cohen, MD, spoke with Local 12 about the GRADE study.

"This was a type two diabetes study, and whereas most studies are looking at how good the blood sugar control can be, this study was focused on how long the blood sugar control can be maintained,” said Cohen, a professor in UC's College of Medicine and UC Health endocrinologist.

Maintaining blood sugar control near normal levels can lower the risk of further complications like heart and kidney disease and vision problems for people with diabetes, Cohen said.

The years-long study found medications now known as Ozempic or Mounjaro were some of the best at maintaining long-term blood sugar control.

“That and insulin itself really did the best job of preserving glycemic blood sugar control,” Cohen said.

As the research continues, Cohen said the team will move beyond drugs that bring down blood sugar levels to evaluate drugs that preserve insulin-producing cells. 

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Featured photo at top of a semaglutide injection pen. Photo/aprott/iStock.

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