New York Magazine: Does eating chocolate actually trigger migraines?

Migraine sufferers can find dozens of articles online claiming that chocolate can trigger migraines, but there is little solid scientific evidence that this is true.

That's what the University of Cincinnati's Vincent Martin, MD, told a reporter for New York Magazine's The Cut. 

Martin, professor in the Department of Internal Medicine in UC's College of Medicine, said there haven't been many experimental studies designed to test which foods trigger migraines because "they're expensive to do." He added that funding for migraine research is "abysmal" because it is not a fatal condition, but migraines are the second leading cause of time lost to disability worldwide.

The research we do have suggests "no foods have great evidence" as migraine triggers, and if chocolate does trigger migraines, "it's probably a rather rare event," Martin said.

Read the New York Magazine/The Cut article.

Featured photo at top of assorted chocolates. Photo/Jessica Loaiza/Unsplash.

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