UC 1819 Innovation Hub takes center stage in Microsoft video documentary

Redefining higher education’s role in the digital era

Microsoft, a global innovator, recently traveled to Cincinnati to document the University of Cincinnati's 1819 Innovation Hub and its impact in the region and beyond. With a team of filmmakers, they set out to reveal the transformative advancements where technology, entrepreneurship and imagination intersect. 

At the heart of a 2020 agreement between the university and tech leader Microsoft, UC has given its students, faculty and staff access to Microsoft 365 and Azure Dev Tools for Teaching.

By leveraging technology and tradition, the partnership empowers students with the skills to drive innovation forward in the digital world. This collaboration underscores the shared goal of positioning the Cincinnati Innovation District and the 1819 Innovation Hub as beacons of excellence, sparking excitement and optimism for the future of innovation.

Microsoft film crew at work.

Microsoft film crew at work. Photo/Greg Glevicky

The latest episode of Microsoft’s Cloud Cultures series, which focuses on how technology and tradition in global markets combine to form cloud cultures, shows the impact of the UC 1819 Innovation Hub and the fast-growing innovation market.

“As someone who is passionate about both education and technology, I am excited that we are including the 1819 Innovation Hub at UC in this episode of the Cloud Cultures series. I am inspired by the impact that it has had on the faculty, students and surrounding communities. The 1819 Innovation Hub is a great example of the positive impact that can be made at an individual, community and global level when people from all walks of life can come together in an inclusive environment to learn from one another and create,” said Corey Sanders, corporate vice president, Microsoft Cloud for Industry.

Microsoft's choice of UC's 1819 Innovation Hub to celebrate innovation and thought leadership speaks volumes about the hub's significance and Cincinnati's emergence to create the Silicon Heartland serving as a beacon of innovation in the United States.

Nicola Ziady UC chief marketing officer, 1819 Innovation Hub

Equipped with industry-standard technologies common in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines, UC lays the groundwork for a well-prepared transition into professional careers, fostering innovation and development through tailored skill-building programs.

Situated within the Cincinnati Innovation District, the 1819 Innovation Hub catalyzes growth, where technology converges with local values to drive meaningful change.

Kate Harmon is interviewed by a film crew.

Kate Harmon is interviewed by Microsoft. Photo/Greg Glevicky

Kate Harmon, executive director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, said, “This strategic selection underscores Microsoft's recognition of UC's unwavering dedication to preparing students for the demands of tomorrow's workforce. By integrating technology seamlessly into the fabric of education, UC is nurturing talent and developing a culture of innovation that resonates far beyond campus borders."

As graduates with the resources and tools embedded in UC's innovative curricula step into the workforce, they inject a potent blend of skills and insights primed to propel growth and foster innovation.

Quiet on the set

While filming interviews for the documentary, Microsoft captured the essence of how UC embodies the transformative potential of collaboration in an increasingly interconnected world. Technology continues to reshape industries and redefine the boundaries of possibility. UC and the 1819 Innovation Hub ecosystem serve as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path toward a future where innovation knows no bounds.

UC Chief Marketing Officer Nicola Ziady said, “Microsoft's choice of UC's 1819 Innovation Hub to celebrate innovation and thought leadership speaks volumes about the hub's significance and Cincinnati's emergence to create the Silicon Heartland serving as a beacon of innovation in the United States. It underscores UC's capacity to nurture and resource new ideas and collaborations across industries where creativity thrives and transformative solutions are made."

Harmon said the collaboration with Microsoft is a testament to UC's shared vision of harnessing the potential of the digital age to create a brighter, more prosperous future. UC's commitment extends beyond mere preparation for today's jobs; it's about instilling students with the skills and mindset to shape tomorrow's careers.

The motto "Next Lives Here" encapsulates UC's culture, illustrating its dedication to unlocking the full potential of each student, thus forging a future characterized by innovation, inclusivity, and progress.

Featured image at top: Microsoft films inside the UC Venture Lab. Photo/Greg Glevicky

Innovation Lives Here

The University of Cincinnati is leading public urban universities into a new era of innovation and impact. Our faculty, staff and students are saving lives, changing outcomes and bending the future in our city's direction. Next Lives Here.

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