Rising temperatures possibly linked to increased city crime rate

Criminal justice expert J.Z. Bennett speaks to Fox 19 about heat and crime

A heat advisory is in effect for most of the tristate; and while a rise in crime and rising temperatures do correlate there is no single cause, says J.Z. Bennett, an assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati’s School of Criminal Justice. 

There are, however, obvious ways to keep young people out of the crime mix during the summer break, he tells Fox 10 News Now.

“Idle time is the Devil’s playground,” Bennett said in the segement when describing the propensity for youth to get into trouble if not overseen at home or at planned activities such as camps and workshops.   

Bennett explained that teenagers often lack a developed “braking mechanism” and can get carried away when with their peers. He also cites a study where youth make more volatile decisions when in the company of their friends, decisions they did not make when the task asked for a solo decision.

Bennett joined the faculty of UC’s College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services in 2022.

Watch the interview.  

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