UC College of Nursing celebrates outstanding preceptors and organizations

Teaching tomorrow’s advanced practice nurses remains essential to the ongoing success of the profession but, as a growing number of students enroll in graduate nursing programs across the country and demand for preceptors increases, students pursuing Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degrees can face challenges.

In response, the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing has created and implemented several resources aimed at reducing known barriers to preceptorship and increasing the level of support offered to our preceptors.

"We assembled a team and designed an online platform presenting resources that facilitate preceptor readiness, management of contracts, faculty engagement, seamless communication and increased recognition of preceptors,” says the college’s Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs Jamie Heck, PhD. “Removing those barriers allows preceptors to focus on shaping a meaningful and stimulating student experience.”

To celebrate and thank outstanding practitioners and partners whose commitment inspires the next generation of advanced practice nurses, in 2022 the college launched the Outstanding Graduate Preceptor Award and the Outstanding Organization Award, followed by the Outstanding Prelicensure Preceptor Award, in 2023.

In Spring 2024, 59 advanced practice and 45 prelicensure nursing students nominated their preceptors for this year’s awards. Two separate committees — one for undergraduate and one for graduate — reviewed nominations and chose the following award recipients:

  • Outstanding Prelicensure Preceptor Award:
    • Rita Hill, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
    • Toni Lansdell, University of Cincinnati Medical Center
  • Outstanding Graduate Preceptor Award, Tristate Area:
    • Stephanie Burbick, Pediatric Associates in Youngstown, OH
  • Outstanding Graduate Preceptor Award, Non-Tristate Area:
    • Vicky Magobet, Diamond House Detox in Sacramento, CA
  • Outstanding Organization Award, Tristate Area:
    • Lindner Center of HOPE in Cincinnati, OH
  • Outstanding Organization Award, Non-Tristate Area:
    • ACE Health and Wellness Solutions in Sacramento, CA

Precepting UC College of Nursing graduate students allows providers to stay current with evidence-based practice, build relationships with future peers in the profession and share their vision of the advanced practice nursing role, among other benefits.

“I try to precept as many students as I’m able to, as I enjoy teaching and learning from them, who keep me up to date on practice beyond pediatrics,” shares award recipient Stephanie Burbick, FNP. “Students from UC always join clinical experiences well prepared.”

Associate Professor and Chair of Advanced Practice Department Kim Mullins, DNP, APRN-CNP, AOCNP, is thankful for the opportunity to show preceptors their impact extends beyond the hands-on component of nursing education.

“We are glad to offer students the opportunity to share how deeply they were influenced by these role models and to show appreciation for our preceptors,” Mullins says.

The comments below were included in nominations and provide insight into how preceptors and clinical experiences have significantly influenced our students’ path in the nursing profession, their interactions with others and their approach to making well-informed decisions.

Darcy was encouraging and helpful in the process and worked as a key catalyst in my education. I have grown so much through this experience. I feel well-prepared to practice because she has empowered me in multiple ways and increased my confidence.” — Adria Strable

I had some hesitation if I made the right decision in going back to school to become an NP. Oncology was always my passion, but I was scared that I may be stepping away from patient care and not like it. After my clinical rotation with Marti, I knew without a doubt that this was the right move for me. Watching her work with these patients and having more involvement in their care decisions and letting me mirror her role gave me the confidence I needed that this was what I was meant to do.” — Alanna Iorio

I believe that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. That the right person is going to come along at just the right time and that understanding and confidence will fall into place. Marie was that mentor for me. It is like the symbolic passing of the lamp that we have all participated in as nurses... When it is my turn, I hope I can contribute to someone's transition and learning experience like she has with mine.” — Evelyn Robbins

Dr. S. has been instrumental in my growth, offering a blend of academic rigor, clinical excellence, and emotional support. Her encouragement and positive feedback have not only facilitated my learning but also instilled a profound sense of confidence and purpose as I advance in my nursing career." — Marie Akers

I want to be like Dr. F. ‘when I grow up!’… She is not afraid to speak up, advocate for, or defend what she believes in. She removes barriers and enables women to be the best versions of themselves.” — Michelle Duell

Before my clinical experience with Karyn, I considered dropping out of the program. After I was placed with her and saw the incredible, life changing impact she has had on her patients' lives, I was inspired to continue in hopes that I can make the same impact someday.” — Holly Roberts

For their awards, preceptors receive a commemorative plaque and a cash award; organizations receive a commemorative plaque.

Interested in precepting our students? Learn more and let us know here.

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