UC welcomes its newest Bearcats

Fox 19 features orientation activities which drew hundreds of new students and parents to campus

Fortunately, the morning was still pretty temperate, but rays of sunshine beaming across Nippert Stadium were already warming up the bleachers.

Nahush Upasani stepped before the crowd of new students and parents to begin teaching a treasured UC must. The second-year student from India took the lead in helping the newest Bearcats get the hang of ‘Down the Drive.

The spirited school cheer was just one of several traditions, facts and tidbits offered during student orientation this summer. More than 7,500 new students with their families visited the University of Cincinnati between May and mid-July to get a campus tour, meet with faculty, staff and students from various colleges and hear more about college life.

“They are all super excited about being here and they seem fascinated by all the things that are on campus,” explains Upasani, a second-year neurosciences major and student orientation leader in the Division of Enrollment Management.

Student orientation activities at UC were featured recently as part of a Fox 19 news segment.

Kimoni Hall in the center is standing with his father and mother at an orientation session at Nippert Stadium

Incoming student Kimoni Hall is shown with his parents during an orientation session at Nippert Stadium. Photo provided.

Upasani came to UC because of its strong research programs and hopes to focus his study in neuropsychology. He offers some advice for new students who ask about everything from the best dining halls to suggestions about classes to inquiries on campus resources.

“Make as many connections as you can and don’t be afraid to go out there and meet new people at UC,” says Upasani. “Make connections that aren’t just good for right now, but for later in life as well.”

Nahush Upasani gives the thumbs up sign standing at Nippert Stadium

Nahush Upasani gives the thumbs up sign at Nippert Stadium. Photo provided.

Football, Greek life and great vibes about UC’s College of Law all dominated Payton Mullen’s thoughts for the morning. She wants to study psychology along with law and society.

“I toured the campus and immediately I just felt right at home at UC,” explains Payton Mullen, an incoming UC student from northern Kentucky. “I really enjoyed the feel and getting a chance to see all the different sights. I am the first Bearcat in my family.”

Her mom Lisa Mullen attended orientation as well joining sessions designed especially for parents. It offered a chance for parents to ask questions about the best way they can support new UC students. Housing and homesickness were on the agenda along with a few do's and don'ts to consider.

“First impression, the campus is beautiful,” says Lisa Mullen. “There are some older buildings that are architecturally nice, but still urban so you get a bit of both. This is where she had her heart set. We live in Kentucky, but she had her heart set on UC.”

Listen to the full Fox 19 segment on UC’s orientation activities online.

Featured top image of an orientation session at Nippert Stadium provided by Kelley Bennett/University of Cincinnati.

two student orientation leaders hold a sign while a dozen new students stand behind them smiling

Student orientation leaders and a group of the newest Bearcats pose for photo in front of Stegar Student Center. Photo by Kelley Bennett/University of Cincinnati.

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