Mother-Daughter Team Creates Children's Book

Sooner or later, nearly all parents think they have the idea for the perfect children's book, but just never seem to get around to writing it. Then there are those few who just get busy and go do it, like University of Cincinnati alumni Kat Shehata and Jo McElwee, who used their educations and turned their authoring aspirations into a hardcover reality.

Shehata (McMicken College, 2000) and McElwee (RWC, 1997) are a mother-daughter team who recently published a children's book that has earned accolades and awards for its writing and illustrations. After a little inspirational help from a palm reader, their book "San Francisco's Famous Sea Lions" was published in September 2002. It has sold well in the Bay area and is featured nationally in the Independent Publishers Group's 2003 catalogue.

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