Overflow Crowd Attends Iraq Forum

Scenes of monuments falling and artifacts being defaced in Baghdad. The British holding Basrah. Outside forces forming a new government for Iraq. Those are descriptions from Operation Iraqi Freedom, yet they share more in common than that. All also have occurred at earlier times in Iraqi history, pointed out three UC faculty members who spoke at a forum on April 29.

Two archaeologists and one historian, all from the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, presented “Iraq in Perspective” to an overflow crowd of about 100 people in Room 308, Blegen Library, on Tuesday evening. Brian Rose, head of the UC classics department and vice president of the Archaeological Institute of America, joined colleague Jack Davis, the Carl Blegen Chair in Greek Archaeology, and Elizabeth Frierson, assistant professor of history, in discussing the nation that has been very much at the center of U.S. attention.

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