Two Area High Schools Win Awards at South s BEST Robotics Competition

Two of the four local high schools competing in the “South’s BEST” competition came home with awards.

Roger Bacon High School won the Bearcat BEST robotics competition (after coming in second in 2003). Loveland High School placed second in the robotics portion.


Loveland and Ursuline

Loveland and Ursuline

This year Kentucky was represented for the first time, through the participation of Georgetown’s Scott County High School — which won first place in the Bearcat BEST presentation competition. Ursuline Academy, in their second competition, took second place in presentation.


At the South's BEST in November 2004, the Scott County High School team won second place in “Best T-shirt Design.” This special award is given for the most original game-specific team t-shirt design.


Student from Ursuline Academy.

Student from Ursuline Academy.

Ursuline Academy’s team won second place in the “Founder’s Award for Creative Design.” Their award was given to the team that makes the best use of the engineering process in consideration of offensive and defensive capabilities in machine design. (It was awarded in recognition of BEST founders Steve Marum and Ted Mahler.)


Student from Hughes Center.

Student from Hughes Center.

Stay tuned next fall for Bearcat BEST 2005! Share in the fun and challenge, evident in Bearcat BEST 2004.


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