Economics Center for Education & Research appoints three new trustees

Experts at the Economics Center for Education & Research equip school children with knowledge and skills by working with curriculum designers and teachers. Teaching professionals are offered the information and techniques they need to provide their students with a functional economic education.

"If we can help young people understand how our economy works and how their lives will be better by being a part of it, we’re giving them the tools for a productive life,” says Ed Adams, chair. “That’s good for them and for our community.”

The Economics Center is committed to developing economic literacy among all of Cincinnati’s children. The Center’s mission is to help students understand how the economy works and how they can successfully participate in it. Many students do not see themselves as productive citizens and, therefore, do not acquire the basic skills to become efficient and effective workers or decision makers. The Center also supports business and community organizations through client-based research studies.

The Economics Center for Education & Research is located in the University of Cincinnati’s College of Business and receives operating and academic support from the University. In addition, the Economics Center continues to receive overwhelming commitment from Cincinnati-area business and education leaders through service on its

Board of Trustees

. The board consists of approximately 35 members.

Trustees are elected by the membership, which consists of all trustees and those who contribute to the center. Terms for trustees are for three years; terms for officers are for one year. The three new trustees are Pranav Kothari, Jeffrey Rosen and Margaret Valentine.

Kothari is program director for Growth Initiatives & Technology at KnowledgeWorks Foundation, Ohio’s largest public education philanthropy.


Jeffrey Rosen.

Jeffrey Rosen.

Rosen is an executive vice president with U.S. Bancorp. He is the Director of Community Development for the corporation, and also has responsibility for Workplace and Campus Banking.



Margaret Valentine.

Margaret Valentine.

Valentine is vice president of Valentine Research. A former teacher, she taught junior high Spanish and French in the Princeton City Schools from 1972 to 1982 and served as head of the Foreign Language Department.


Kothari, Rosen and Valentine join a prestigious group of industry and education leaders in Cincinnati.

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