Physics Professor Robert Endorf Makes His Internet Radio Debut

Endorf has conducted “Physical Science by Inquiry Programs,” which include graduate courses in “Physics by Inquiry” for teachers in grades 5–12, every year since 1996. He has also conducted “Physical Science by Inquiry Programs” for teachers in grades K–5 every year since 1998.

The Physical Science by Inquiry Programs are high-quality, sustained, standards-based professional development programs for teachers in grades K–12. The goal of the programs is to increase student achievement in science and attitudes toward science by providing science teachers in grades K–12 with the science content knowledge and science process skills needed to teach science as a process of inquiry. The programs conform to the National Science Education Standards for professional development and will aid teachers in adopting the new Ohio Academic Content Standards in Science. These standards require teachers to have a strong understanding of both science content and science process skills. Teachers completing the programs will be able to teach using inquiry and help their students gain a deeper understanding of basic concepts and scientific reasoning skills.

The Physical Science by Inquiry Programs are a partnership of  the McMicken College of Arts & Sciences’ Physics Department, the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services, the Cincinnati Public School District and the Southwest Ohio Regional Professional Development Center (SWORPDC), representing the school districts for eight counties in southwest Ohio.

Science & Society is an Internet talk show that focuses on the sciences, science education and science and art. It is hosted by David Lemberg and Sam Kephart.

Listen to the archived interview on line

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