UC Flex Employee Self Service

We are excited to announce the availability of a new capability called Employee Self Service (ESS). ESS is part of UC Flex and allows you to access your personnel record online and perform the following tasks:

Update your home address and phone number

Update your bank or financial institution information for direct deposit

Update your tax withholding (Form W-4)

Update family member and dependent information

Update emergency contact information (currently limited to one contact)

Display your personal data, such as date of birth and UCID number

Display your benefits participation details

Display your pay statements

Enroll for your Benefits (once open enrollment begins in October)

ESS is available now. The document Getting Started provides a brief description of Employee Self Service, along with short instructions to get you started.

For those employees who already have access to the UC Flex system or are currently using the Central Login Service, your password is the same as it is for those applications.

For employees who have not previously used the UC Flex System or the University's Central Login Service, the instructions describe a temporary password that has been assigned which you will be required to change immediately. Step-by-step instructions for how to log on and change your password are available.

In the left window pane, click on “Employee Self Service (ESS).” Then, on the right side of the screen, click on "Accessing and Navigating UC Flex Employee Self Service.” A short version of the work instruction, called a “Cue Card,” appears in the window. To view the full instruction, which includes screen shots, click on the down arrow in the “Other Formats” field at the top of the window and select “Work Instruction – HTML.”

Note that additional task instructions are listed and accessed in this same manner. Is personal information secure? Your information is stored on a secure server and ESS access is controlled through the university’s authentication process. All ESS transactions are protected by Verisign’s de facto industry standards designed and regularly updated to reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft by protecting personal information such as banking information, Social Security numbers, names, and addresses.

A password protection feature has also been implemented that will expire your UC Flex password every 90 days. On the day of expiration, you will be prompted to change your password. If you elect not to change it when prompted, you will have six grace logins until the system locks your account, at which point you will need to contact the UCit Help Desk (556-HELP) to have your password reset.

You are responsible for helping to protect yourself by not sharing your password and by not leaving your workstation running unlocked while unattended.

In conclusion, we hope you find ESS useful and we welcome your feedback. Please send any comments you may have by e-mail to ucflex@uc.edu with ESS in the subject line.

Thank you,

Dennis Yockey and Jim Lewis, UC Flex Project Managers

Getting Started can be accessed by clicking here.

You are strongly encouraged to follow the recommended best practices for maintaining passwords found by clicking here.

Click this link to access the UC Flex Help Web site.

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