Celebrating Women Journalists and Looking Ahead

Journalism students can go straight to the source for tips on what they need to succeed – and inspiration, too – at an event featuring news veterans they'll be joining in the "real world."

Billed as a celebration of women writers as well as an event to ready students for what's ahead, the May 9 Women in Journalism program features free workshops and one-on-one meetings with journalists from a variety of mediums. It evolved from a spring-quarter seminar proposed by Elissa Sonnenberg, field service assistant professor of journalism and assistant director of the journalism program.

"She insightfully decided that the seminar should include a number of presentations that involve women who graduated from UC and women who work in the local, regional and national media," says Professor Jon Hughes, journalism program director.

"Not only does this daylong program benefit the seminar students, it is also of tremendous value to the UC and Cincinnati regional communities."

As UC's journalism program continues to grow and flourish, "it's important to give our students and the community opportunities to learn about the importance of journalism in the 21st century," Sonnenberg says.

Students will hear from and meet with Angelique Chengelis, The Detroit News & ESPN; Regina Russo, FOX19; blogger Rachel Richardson, http://the-f-word.org/blog/; Marilyn Geewax, Cox News Washington Bureau; Laurie Pike, Los Angeles magazine; Andrea Torrice, documentarian; Hagit Limor, WCPO-TV; Ann Hagedorn, Wall Street Journal and author of Savage Peace; Kelly Leon, vice president of communications and community relations at 3CDC; and Gail Towns of The Cincinnati Enquirer.

From TV news to magazines to documentaries to blogs, "these women reach millions with their work," says Sonnenberg. The department is "especially delighted," she adds, to welcome several UC alumni – many of whom are News Record veterans.

"When we celebrate women in journalism, we're really celebrating all journalists who are committed to their craft," Sonnenberg says.

"Women have a long history of uncovering injustices through investigative reporting and bringing sometimes painful truths to light. Women have also helped shape the changing face of journalism, from stylized magazines to blogs. This week, we're welcoming back successful alumni and bringing in other talented female journalists to share their stories with the UC community."

Event sponsors are the UC Journalism Program; the Departments of English and Communication; UC Just Community; UC Center for Community Engagement; UC Provost Office; Cincinnati Society of Professional Journalists; UC Women's Initiatives Network; and the UC Women's Center.

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