Phase II Lighting Improvements Around UC's Uptown Campus Underway

The University of Cincinnati, in partnership with the City of Cincinnati and Duke Energy, is upgrading 396 city street lights surrounding UC’s Uptown campus during Phase II of its lighting enhancement initiative to improve safety. More than 300 lights were upgraded during Phase I.

Yellow lights are being replaced with white LED lights that shine twice as bright to the human eye. Lighting will be improved along 30 streets during Phase II. Phase I included 33 streets.

“Research has proven that crime can be reduced through enhanced street lighting,” said Robin Engel, UC’s Vice President for Safety and Reform. “When you combine street lighting enhancements with other crime reduction strategies results can be significant.”

Crime around UC’s Uptown campus is at a 10-year low. Total crime has decreased about 30 percent from 2004 to 2014. Violent crime is down 55 percent during that same time period, while robberies have decreased by 57 percent and property crime by 28 percent.

Crime reduction in areas surrounding the university, including enhanced street lighting, can be attributed to several initiatives:

an alley brightened by lights

an alley brightened by lights

  • UCPD and Cincinnati Police meet bi-monthly to collaboratively review crime data and implement policing strategies based on statistical trends.
  • Daily second shift supervisor meeting between CPD and UCPD to discuss patrol strategies
  • Expanded police presence. UCPD has added 33 officers since April of 2014.
  • UC Safety Ambassadors – patrol off campus areas between 6 p.m. and 2:30 a.m. and serve as extra eyes and ears for police.
  • NightRide – Free evening shuttle service that provides transportation to and from locations within a one mile radius around campus. Students, faculty and staff can call 513-556-RIDE (7433).

In the spring of 2013 UC developed a strategic plan to guide the university’s public safety priorities and planning.

“New, enhanced street lighting, along with other safety initiatives, are critical to the safety and vitality of the Uptown area and the university,” said Engel. “We will continue to engage our city and community partners and identify ways that we can work together to improve the livability of our neighborhoods.”

"We are pleased to continue the second phase our partnership with the University of Cincinnati and the City of Cincinnati on the LED lighting project," said Jim Henning, president of Duke Energy Ohio and Kentucky. "Commitment to safety is our top priority, and brightening the streets on and around campus helps enhance the safety of our community."

Street lights along the below streets will be upgraded with white LED lights. Phase II installation began Oct. 12.

  • Ada Street
  • Atkinson Street
  • Bosley Street
  • Calhoun Street
  • Cassat Avenue
  • Chickasaw Street
  • City View Place
  • Clifton Avenue (west side between McMillan & MLK)
  • Conklin Street
  • Coon Street
  • Detzel Place
  • Elysian Place
  • Emming Street
  • Flora Street
  • Graham Street
  • Jefferson Avenue (east side from Corry to MLK)
  • Lyon Street
  • McMillan Street
  • Moerlein Avenue
  • Ohio Avenue
  • Parker Street
  • Ravine Street
  • Rohs Street
  • Sauer Avenue
  • Stratford Avenue
  • Victor Street
  • Volkert Avenue
  • Warner Street
  • West Clifton Avenue
  • Wheeler Street

For more information about UC’s public safety department and additional safety tools and resources, visit\publicsafety