TEDxUCincinnati's 3rd Annual Gathering Focuses on 'Outliers'

They are nerds and educators, reformers and exceptions. They are outliers, each with a story to tell and a perspective to share. 

And on Saturday, March 4, they’ll take the stage at Outliers, the 3rd annual event hosted by TEDxUCincinnati. 

An independent, student-run organization inspired by the nonprofit TED, TEDxUCincinnati is dedicated to the sharing and spreading of ideas. 

“Whereas the larger TED organization focuses on global issues, here we can bring it down to our community,” said Kaitlyn Luckey, TEDxUCincinnati president. “We want to give a stage to the people, issues, and things that are going on in our community that haven’t had that opportunity. They are the outliers.” 

Outliers will feature 12 speakers from very different worlds, including lawyers, authors, marketers, teachers and programmers. The bios of all 12 speakers can be found on TEDxUCincinnati’s website. 

“They will all be taking a different perspective on what an outlier is, how that have been an outlier, and how they view outliers in our society,” Luckey said. “Really, 12 different stories, ideas, and packagings, all based on one word; it’s intended to be broad to allow each speaker to put their own spin on it.” 

 Tickets are still available for Outliers, and can be purchased exclusively on the event’s website by scrolling to the bottom of the event page and clicking “Buy Tickets Now.” Student tickets are $10, and non-student tickets are $15. Students in groups of 10 or more can receive a discounted rate of $5 per ticket. 

Outliers will be held at Crossroads Church, 42 Calhoun St. Doors open at noon, and programming will begin at 1 p.m. Samples of food from Uptown restaurants will be available during the first of two intermissions.

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