UC Develops New Collaborative for Student Success

As part of a strategic update to its College Completion Plan, the University of Cincinnati Office of the Provost announced the creation of a new Collaborative for Student Success model that will foster new interdepartmental partnerships in order to improve support to all UC undergraduate students.

The Collaborative for Student Success will align various on-campus support centers under a single planning leadership team, to help students take advantage of academic and career planning, coursework, hands-on learning and numerous co-curricular experiences from their first day at UC onto career or graduate school selection.

“This type of initiative ensures that UC will continue to revolutionize the student experience and fully prepare the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow,” says UC President Neville Pinto.

Under the collaborative, UC support centers such as the offices of Student Affairs, Enrollment Management and Undergraduate Academic Affairs will unify to make resources more visible and accessible for students, and to improve the university’s general efficiency. The model reflects the urban university’s dedication to serving a broad and diverse student population no matter their background or needs.

“Making sure that our scholars have seamless access to the tools and resources they need to succeed is one of our greatest priorities,” says Interim Provost Peter Landgren on the new strategic addition. “With this new model, students will have improved access to resources and experiential learning opportunities unlike anything that has ever been available to them before.”

Collaborating support centers will also assure cohesive services by aiding communication among staff and faculty regarding individual students and university-wide initiatives.

By coordinating resources, advising and support centers, and analytic information, the Collaborative for Student Success brings UC the infrastructure, coordination, and leadership to fully realize its vision of undergraduate and graduate education.

“What’s most amazing about this new model is how it will coordinate and organize all of these departments and resources,” says UC Vice Provost of Enrollment Management, Caroline Miller on UC’s new initiative. “It will make UC more efficient at supporting students with diverse needs and backgrounds and identify ways to prepare and support staff and faculty focused on this work.”

Miller will serve as the convener for the Collaborative of Student Success and will be tasked with bringing the various resources and support centers together for the collaborative.

UC’s Collaborative for Student Success is the result of recent strategic updates to the university’s College Completion Plan. As part of the University System of Ohio, colleges throughout the state develop plans, which are updated every two years, to ensure that the actions of the institution remain consistent with its mission and strategic priorities.