Attend Open Consultation Days for End-of-Semester Tech Assistance

As the semester comes to an end, the Center for Excellence in eLearning (CEeL) will host Open Consultation Days Dec. 11-13 to offer walk-in availability for faculty needing assistance with Canopy tools.

These Open Consultation Days will offer the opportunity for one-on-one assistance from instructional technologists, instructional designers and support specialists on a walk-in basis. Consultants will be available to answer questions and offer walk-through guidance for Canopy tools like Blackboard, Kaltura and Echo360.

Topics include:

  • Transferring final grades from Blackboard to Catalyst.
  • Archiving fall courses, backing up the Grade Center and copying content from one term to another.
  • Building dynamic, inclusive and effective learner-centric courses.
  • Preparing the Grade Center for spring semester (e.g., configuring weighted grades, creating Smart Views and setting up retention center rules.)
  • Assigning, collecting and grading assignments from any web browser or the Bb Grader app.
  • Building tests and surveys and evaluating question quality and efficacy using Item Analysis.
  • Creating and using rubrics, discussion boards, blogs, wikis and groups.
  • Producing captivating video with Kaltura’s CaptureSpace.
  • Engaging students with Echo360 lecture capture.
  • Using WebEx to create meaningful distance learning experiences.
  • Creating universally accessible course content, such as captioned video and appropriately tagged documents.

Open Consultation Days will take place on Monday, Dec. 11, through Wednesday, Dec. 13, from noon to 4 p.m. on the fifth floor of Langsam Library.

Unable to make it to campus? Do you have questions about the December Blackboard upgrade or do you need in-depth assistance with Canopy tools? Schedule an appointment and consult virtually with a 24/7 Canopy Support representative during Open Consultation Days!

For additional eLearning tech support resources, follow the IT@UC 1-2-3 Suport Guide:

  1. Access the IT@UC Knowledge Base (KB) at
  2. Call/Chat with 24/7 Canopy Support
  3. Call the IT@UC HelpDesk
Technicians at the IT@UC Service Desk will transfer instructors to the Learning Technology Support Team for any eLearning-specific support requests during regular business hours (from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) Dec. 11-13.