Research and Design of the 21st Century Classroom

CINCINNATI—The College of Nursing will explore the design of learning spaces Monday, March 16, 2009, with a presentation by furnishing leaders Loth, Inc. and Steelcase.


The presentation takes place in conjunction with the college’s Collaboratory Open House, which features a recently designed space set up to facilitate six areas of interaction: Creating, Writing, Exploring, Sharing, Showing and Team-building (CWESST). This model helps create an environment where crossing the boundaries of roles and disciplines is embraced and new strategies for collaboration and learning are explored. 


Steelcase has studied colleges and universities, come up with several hypotheses and created a prototype classroom to test those hypotheses. Steelcase representatives will be sharing how colleges can offer a more powerful learning experience and support the multiple ways instructors teach and students learn today. In addition, they will share design innovations that can be applied to practically any classroom.

Attendees can network and view the new collaborative learning space from 3 to 3:30 p.m. in Procter Hall, Room 275. The presentation, “Research & Design of the 21st Century Classroom,” will begin at 3:30.


For more information, contact to Sarah Ehrnschwender at or call (513) 558-2996.

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