Skills to prepare for life as a UC engineering student

Get familiar with Python and work on your algebra to set yourself up for success

Before you set foot on campus at the University of Cincinnati, take a deeper dive into what you need to know to succeed in the College of Engineering and Applied Science.

UC admissions counselor Costina Luc shares tips on what to start on this summer to be ready to hit the books in the fall.

Brush up on your algebra and precalculus skills with Aleks

It goes without saying, engineering students have multiple math classes in their schedule throughout their college career. Be ahead of the game and take Aleks algebra and precalc. The clever website has an algorithm that personlizes the way it delivers questions to detect what you don't know. 

Pro Tip: Students can't use their calculators in the calculus course at UC, so we find that a barrier they encounter in a class isn't actually calculus skills but their algebra and trigonometry skills.

Prepare for physics using Khan Academy resources

Get be a step ahead with a physics refresher using Khan Academy. Not familiar with Khan Academy? The website is a digital learning platform with resources to keep up with your studies. From the basic physics principles to having a solid grasp of trigonometry, you'll want to make sure you don't lose the skills. 

Pro Tip: Khan Academy is not only for physics, but also provides classes to get a head start on courses in math, science, engineering and computing.

Pick up a coding language and learn Python with Udacity

Regardless of your major at CEAS, you'll probably benefit from a foundation in coding (whether it's for classes or co-op). Udacity offers a free Introduction to Python Programming course to understand how to store data, conditionals and loops and more! 

Pro Tip: During your first-year, students take engineering design thinking. You'll learn a variety of programming and engineering tools such as MATLAB, VBA, Python and LabVIEW. Learning Python will give you a head start in the course.

Take your math placement test

Before you can enroll in classes, you must take a math placement test. All new CEAS students must take the placement test. Unless you've taken college credit courses at UC along with a math placement test at UC. 

  • The test takes about 40 minutes.
  • Aim for a score of 750, which will place you in Calculus I.
  • Calculus I is the highest math class the test will place you.
  • Do not use a calculator. Calculators are not allowed in calculus classes at CEAS, so it's the best way to measure your skills.
  • Your adviser will use your MPT score, ACT score and math performance from high school to place you into a math course.
  • Study for the placement test with these resources:

Pro Tip: Retakes are allowed, but we don't recommend taking it more than three times. 

Connect with students on ZeeMee

Sign up for the ZeeMee app to connect with your fellow classmates! The app offers chat function to find friends, dorm roomates, and other UC and CEAS updates.

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