UC's Bearcats Landing intranet welcomes Canopy users

Faculty and Staff can now access Canopy tools using the intranet at my.uc.edu

Faculty and Staff can now access Canopy tools using UC’s Bearcats Landing Intranet at my.uc.edu

UC’s Canopy portal for faculty and staff was dissolved along with Blackboard on Tuesday, June 30.  As part of this transition, faculty and staff can now access all Canopy tools —including Canvas, UC’s Learning Management System — by using Bearcats Landing. It’s quick and easy. Simply type my.uc.edu into your web browser. Look under the “Academic Resources” and “Tools” menus at the top of the page.

picture of conopy home page with tiles representing academic tools.

Canopy portal for faculty and staff will be sunset with Blackboard on June 30, 2020.

Faculty and staff can still visit canopy.uc.edu, but will be redirected to UC’s Bearcats Landing intranet at my.uc.edu.

Students shall continue visiting canopy.uc.edu. They will be redirected to a new, more “app-like” portal within the Modo Labs platform, which hosts the UC Mobile app. This will provide students greater connectivity with the university’s Bearcats Promise initiatives.

image of banner welcoming Canopy users to intranet

A Canopy article, available on the intranet home page, provides helpful tips on where to access tools and resources previously found on Canopy, including Outlook.

image of where to access Canopy tools within Bearcats Landing

The article also features news articles to aquaint new visitors with UC's Bearcats Landing intranet, including news, workshops, events features, sites, content and more.

UC's Beartcats Landing intranet was launched in November of 2019, creating a digital workspace for faculty and staff. Bearcats Landing is built on the Office 365 platform, pulling all Microsoft tools together allowing users to easily store, find and share information while accessing academic and business tools within a single portal.  

Visit My.UC.EDU

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