UC Answers: How do I find community on campus?

Student Activities and Leadership Development shares ways students can stay engaged on campus

Traci Steehler, assistant director of Student Activities and Leadership Development, shares ways to stay engaged in community as a student this fall.

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How do I find community on campus considering COVID-19?

Steehler: So if you are looking to find a student organization on campus to join, it’s actually really simple. The University of Cincinnati has a site called CampusLINK that holds all of the student engagement and student involvement information. It’s like an org fair every day. 

What can I find on CampusLINK?

Steehler: You can browse all of UC’s over 500 student organizations. Students are going to find ways to engage virtually and ways that are safe during this time.

What is some of your best advice to share with new students coming to UC?

Steehler: One of the best things about coming to the University of Cincinnati is finding a community and being part of the Bearcat experience. You might be wondering what it’s going to be like to get involved and engaged on campus this fall. We know that because of COVID-19 things are going to look a little bit different this year. But a lot of the signature things that make being a Bearcat great are still available to you.

How do you start a student organization if it doesn’t already exist?

Steehler: If you have an idea for a student organization that doesn’t exist on campus, you are able to create your own. To become a registered student organization you need 10 UC student members, a president and treasurer, a UC faculty or staff member to serve as an advisor, as well as a constitution and bylaws.

For a full list of requirements you can visit uc.edu/sald. Once you have met all the requirements, you need to fill out an application on CampusLINK. This application opens twice a year: once in the beginning of the fall semester and again in the beginning of the spring semester. After you submit your application, a member of the Student Activities Board will reach out and walk you through the process of presenting your organization for approval by the board. Once your organization is approved, you will be able to utilize campus room reservations, have a CampusLINK site, participate in the organization fair and more.

Will there be a student organization fair in the fall?

Steehler: The Student Organization Fair this year will be held on Sunday, Aug 23 on CampusLINK. You will be able to meet people from different student organizations using WebEx. Visit the Student Organization Fair website for the most recent information.

Will student organizations be hosting events during this fall that incoming first year students can access virtually?

Steehler: Many student organizations will be hosting their signature events virtually. Make sure you check out the CampusLINK events page and click “online” to see all of the events happening online.

I'm going to UC Blue Ash in the fall. How do I meet new people who will be going to UC Blue Ash if I’m living in Clifton?

Steehler: Contact the UC Blue Ash Student Life Office for support in connecting with other UC Blue Ash students: BAStdLfe@uc.edu or 513-745-5773. The Student Life Office will host several welcome week events as well as opportunities to connect virtually throughout the semester. Check the Student Life website for updates on events, mentoring and ways to connect with your peers.

Where do I learn about fraternities and sororities?

Steehler: The best place to learn about UC’s dynamic fraternity and sorority life community is the Bearcat Greek Guide. This guide gives you an overview of the community, benefits of membership, a look at all of the chapters at UC and information about recruitment. 

Does UC list the student organizations you join during your collegiate career on your transcripts?

Steehler: Student organization memberships can be found on your co-curricular transcript on CampusLINK. This is separate from your academic transcript and highlights all of your involvement during your time at UC. The co-curricular transcript is a document that tracks your co-curricular involvement, highlighting out-of-classroom experiences you choose to showcase. This could include events you’ve attended, positions you’ve held in organizations or other experiences you've reported. The transcript can be used to apply for grad school, provide speaking points for interviews or simply showcase your experience.

Get involved at UC

Begin your search for the student group that is an ideal fit for your interests or drop into CampusLINK to find UC events, then find more UC Answers to your important questions.

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