What is a materials engineering minor?

Hear from professor Donglu Shi on how a materials engineering minor enhances your degree

University of Cincinnati professor and materials science and engineering program director Donglu Shi answers common questions about materials engineering. Learn more about the career opportunities and benefits of adding a minor to your undergraduate curriculum.

What is materials science and engineering?

Materials science and engineering is a cross-disciplinary field that underlies all the engineering disciplines. Most advances in technology have followed advances in materials like: 

  • Flat screen TVs are possible because of advances in electronic, polymeric and ceramic materials
  • New ceramic materials are the basis of the fiber-optics communication industry
  • New metallic alloys, lead to more efficient improved jet engines and lighter weight alloys for automobiles
  • Improved polymers underlie the ten-fold increase in tire life since the first balloon tires

What majors often minor in materials engineering?

  • Chemical engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering

However, any engineering major can minor in materials! 

Pro Tip: Review the curriculum guide to get an idea of what classes are offered. Dr. Shi recommends Introduction to Metallurgy or Materials Testing in Design.

What are the benefits of a minor in materials engineering?

All industries and high-tech companies deal with research and development of materials, therefore materials science is an essential component of any engineering project regardless of the discipline involved. The primary responsibility of most engineers is the design and manufacture of industrial components and products. These products—whether it's machinery or a device—are usually made of engineering materials. 

Why does a materials engineering look good on a resume?

Engineers with a background in materials science find enhanced professional growth and demonstrate greater versatility and employability. This is illustrated by job listings in the state of Ohio. Materials Engineering is the second most common keyword after Mechanical Engineering.

Pro Tip: Do a pretend job search! Search for "materials science" or "materials engineering" jobs to get an idea of the current market. 

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