Scholarship Application Tips

Start here at UC:

Review the One Stop Scholarship Page for tips/tricks, and great research information on how to locate scholarships, including ones from your college office.

Check organizations/programs/activities on campus.

Review the "Scholarship Search" tile in Catalyst.


Think hometown:

Organizations in your local community (your county, hometown, neighborhood, religious institutions, community organizations, etc.) provide scholarships to students from their area. 

Contact civic, religious, political, social, and other organizations that may be interested in helping local students.


Write a winning essay:

Write a great essay and adapt it accordingly to each scholarship instead of reinventing the wheel each  time you apply for an essay-based scholarship. Utilize the UC Academic Writing Center for free assistance. 


Apply, Apply, Apply:

Treat applying for scholarships like a part-time job. Take time to research available scholarships, write good essays and submit your applications.

Avoid scams that will ask you to spend money on scholarship searches!  Review our Scholarship Resources for more information.