Semester/Capstone Projects

Emily Smith, Racial Equity Audit (Spring 2021)

This assignment was completed as a semester project for a Public Sector HR Management class. For this project, Emily assessed the College of Arts and Sciences recruitment materials, hiring processes, and practices. Emily analyzed these materials and data using racial equity tools, while also recommending support strategies to further advance the college’s commitment to organizational equity. This educational project taught Emily how A&S performs a very important area of HR, doing so with equitable practices at the forefront of their mission.

Leah Lai*, Veterans Demographic Project (Spring 2021)

This project was intended to provide the UC Veterans Task Force and advocates some general information about both protected veterans at UC and veterans in the US civilian labor market. This project is organized in four sections: (1) Overview of UC Veterans Task Force Mission & Vision; (2) Hiring Benchmark; (3) Gender, Racial or Ethnic Minority and Disability Comparisons; and (4) Summary and Recommendations. Throughout this project, veterans and nonveterans are compared, highlighting for both groups points of success and areas for action.

Adam Miller, Improving Faculty Diversity at Lindner College of Business (Fall 2020)

Utilizing data from the 2019-20 Affirmative Action, this capstone project examines the current diversity of faculty at the Lindner College of Business and addresses the barriers the college faces when it comes to the recruitment of new faculty members. The college has recently shared initiatives to increase representation across its departments, moving towards a transformative stage when it comes to creating an inclusive and diverse working place for all faculty members. Adam provides several recommendations for the college to consider moving forward that support the college’s goal of academic excellence through diversity and inclusion.

Tanya Malaiya*, 5-Year Analysis of Hiring Efforts for Protected Groups (Summer 2020)

This capstone project aims to analyze 5 years of Applicant Flow Logs describing the candidates for every position that the University hired in this time. This data includes information about the candidates regarding their status of 2 protected classes: Protected Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities. According to the 2019-20 AAP results, the proportion of employees belonging to these protected classes in the University of Cincinnati are significantly lower across all job groups and business units compared to the proportions in relevant pools provided by the U.S. Department of Labor. By analyzing the given data, this project aims to develop a strategic action plan for improving the representation of these protected groups by understanding where in the hiring process (recruitment, interviews, selection) are barriers present for such groups.

*Student Worker for the Office of Equal Opportunity & Access