Financial Aid

Federal Work-Study Award

Federal Work-Study employment is made available to qualifying students based on a limited amount of funding that is provided to the University of Cincinnati.

Awards and Earnings

Student Financial Aid is able to offer many incoming and returning students Federal Work-Study based on the student's financial need and an early FAFSA application.

Unlike other forms of financial aid that are applied to your bill, work-study is paid via a bi-weekly paycheck. Your ability to earn the full amount of your work-study award will depend on your hourly wage and amount of time worked throughout the year. Earnings will be yours to apply toward any of your educational costs.

Securing a Work-Study Position

Available work-study positions will begin being posted in August for the upcoming academic year. They will also be posted throughout the academic year so don't limit your search if you are still seeking a position once classes have started.

  1. Awarded students will apply for positions via Handshake, the university's career education platform.
    • Search positions that are directed toward "Work-Study" students.
    • Apply and complete any interview process with your prospective employer.
    • If asked for verifcation of your work-study eligibility, show the employer your award offer (as sent to you or from a screen shot of your online award).
  2. Upon being hired, complete paperwork as a work-study student.
    • Your hiring department will confirm your work-study eligibility with Student Financial Aid.
    • Once you have been cleared to work, and your supervisor will develop a work schedule with you.
    • You will be able to earn up to your Federal Work-Study Award.
    • If you reach your awarded amount in earnings for the year, your supervisor may be able to extend your employment.

Employment for Non-Work-Study Students

If you were not awarded work-study or have friends who want to work on-campus or at your same off-campus agency, they may be hired as a non-work-study student assuming the office or agency has the available funding. There are also positions on-campus that do not require work-study awards for hiring.

Non-work-study students can explore options and earn money that helps to meet their educational costs.

Federal Work-Study is an option that helps students cover unmet educational costs, address non-tuition costs, or reduce reliance on student loans.

Other options include