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Why I chose Cincinnati Law's LLM Program

Qing Lyu left China to pursue education in America when her husband came to the States for work. “If you have a law degree in your country, and you know a little bit about American institutions, when you come back to my country, it’s very competitive for you to find a good job.” Although Lyu is not yet sure if they will return to China at some point, she does know that she wants to get work experience in America under her belt before they do.

When asked about the difference in teaching between China and the United States, Lyu explained that professors will lecture, and although you can ask questions, it typically doesn’t happen. In the third year, students take classes that do allow them to talk a little bit, but note taking is still the major point of class. During her studies here, however, “We are asked to engage a lot. To ask questions, discuss with each other, or debate with professors-that’s very different.” Professors, and other students, are more open to questions here as well, and she feels that there is not such a stigma of asking a “dumb question.”

Lyu also attended China University of Political Science and Law, but for her undergraduate education, where she studied both law and economics. For her graduate program, she went to Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, focusing on maritime law.

Why did you select the University of Cincinnati College of Law for your degree? 

Before I came to the United States, I did some research online. University of Cincinnati College of Law has a long history. It is the fourth-oldest continuously operating law school in the country. And the reputation is very good, this is one of important factors for me. Second, before the new semester, the law school offered opportunities for students to visit courthouses and law offices, which not only chelped us obtain professional knowledge of the US legal system, but also understand what it means to be a real attorney. This is a wonderful start to get ready for the new semester. Moreover, the law school is geographically near the downtown. This is very critical, because many law firms and big companies are in the urban areas. It is a great advantage for us to do some networking or seek for an internship. Cincinnati is also home to many of the top 500 companies, such as P&G, Kroger (the nation's second largest retail supermarket, after Walmart), which means that international students have more opportunities after graduation. After three years in Cincinnati, I know that I made the right decision. 在我来美国之前,我在网上做了一些相关的功课。辛辛那提法学院是个拥有着悠久历史的学校,全美第四大古老的法学院,并且法学院名声很好,这是其一。第二,在法学院开学之前,学校有IGPL项目,通过这个项目,学生不仅可以了解到美国法律获得专业知识,而且通过观摩提问等可以更直观的了解职场律师的工作,培养自身的法律职业技巧。同时,也为新学期开学做好准备。而且,法学院地理位置很好,就在市区附近。这点很关键,因为很多律所大公司等都在市区,不管是在拓展人脉上还是对于以后找实习工作都有极大的优势。辛辛那提还是很多五百强企业的总部所在地,比如保洁,Kroger(全美第二大 的零售超市,仅此Walmart)等,意味着国际留学生毕业后拥有更多的就业机会。在辛辛那提已经待了快三年,我更加确定当初我做了正确的选择。


What are the strengths of a law degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Law?

LLM program actually is not new in the United States, many law schools have this programs as well. I know some law schools, like OSU, have a lot of Chinese students in their LL.M. program. In contrast, the LL.M. program in UC is rather new, however, it is growing very fast. I believe UC law school has many advantages that others do not own, such as reasonable student-to-faculty ratio. Students at the College of Law benefit a lot from an intimate study environment and personal attention from faculty to establish a good relationship. Besides, staffs are also very enthusiastic to help students. My advisor is very responsible and she always gives me advice not just in my study, but also in my life. Some courses are just open to LL.M students, some you can study with other JD students, to really know American law school learning atmosphere. 法学硕士这个项目其实在美国各大高校法学院都有开设,有些学校这个项目拥有很多中国留学生。相比之下,UC法学硕士项目时间并不是很久,但是却在蓬勃发展中。因为UC法学院具有其他学校没有的优势,比如合理的师生比,学生可以和老师建立良好的关系;并且学校职工也都很热心帮助学生. 我们的导师非常负责任,不仅在学业上给我很多好的建议,在生活上也帮助我很多。除了一些课程是专业开设给LL.M学生之外,其他都是和JD学生一起上课,切实感受美国法学院学习的氛围。 


How has the University of Cincinnati College of Law prepared you for your career? 

Because of this degree, I am eligible to apply for Ohio state bar exam. In fact, I recently passed the Ohio Bar Exam. Not only Ohio, students can also apply for other state bar exams (depending on the student’s background). Like I said in the previous question, the reputation of UC college of law is very good, it matters a lot. Not only in Cincinnati, but also in other big cities in Ohio. Moreover, UC college of law allows international students to choose their interested classes. Because I am interested in business law, I tried to study more related courses for my career planning. Besides, UC college of law has a lot of professional employment counseling, internship opportunities, and student organizations. They also regularly organize some activities, I can have many chances to network, which is very important for my career. 因为有了这个学位我才有资格申请Ohio州的律师考试,通过了之后可以找工作。不仅是Ohio州,学生还可以申请其他州的律师考试。法学院的名声很好,不仅在辛辛那提发展很有优势,在其他城市也是。而且,因为我本人对商法比较感兴趣,法学院允许学生选择修相关的课程,对于我以后的职业规划有很大的帮助。法学院有很多专业的就业咨询和辅导,并且定期举办一些活动,可以在找工作中帮助拓展人脉,这都是很重要的。 


Why should other Chinese students consider the University of Cincinnati College of Law

First, the law school has a lot of programs that we can participate, such as volunteers opportunities, summer internships. You can even apply for school part-time jobs as well. Second, students can choose their own courses of interest for their career planning. Finally, LL.M. students are from different countries in the world, not just from China, unlike many law schools. Therefore it is a wonderful chance to know the culture differences and make friends, also to practice their oral English and develop social skills. 其一,法学院有很多项目和学生组织可以报名参加,比如志愿者服务日,暑期项目或者实习等机会,而且可以申请在学校做一些兼职,对于以后的就业都是有很大的帮助的。其次,学生可以自己选择感兴趣的课程,选择余地大。最后,学校学生来自世界不同国家,不像其他一些学校大部分都是中国学生,有利于文化语言的交流,置身于一个全英文的环境,可以锻炼自己口语和社交能力