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It is well documented that a company’s culture can directly impact revenue and profits — for better, or for worse. But it takes self-awareness, skill development, and above all, practice, to positively impact your bottom line. At the heart of every healthy culture are leaders who can communicate effectively. Whether you are working to transform a toxic culture, or trying to go from good to great, the Goering Center’s Communication & Culture Institute (CCI) can equip you and your team to inspire meaningful change.

“The Communication & Culture Institute gave our team the language and tools we needed to talk about the really tough issues.”

Lauren Johnson Next generation successor

CCI was designed for both family and private businesses by Perfect 10 Corporate Cultures, a Cincinnati-based organization committed to creating cultures where employees want to work and where customers want to do business. Lauren Johnson attended the institute in 2018 with her father and mother, Paul Johnson and Liz Sabo Johnson, on behalf of their family business, Cincinnati Container Inc. Lauren said of the experience, “We learned about the Communication & Culture Institute while we were attending [the Next Generation Institute]. We decided to sign up the whole management team. CCI really helped us out a lot as far as developing the language and the tools we needed to talk about the really tough issues.”

At CCI, owners, successors and leadership teams can acquire and practice the skills needed to create a performance-enhancing culture, or change the behavior that is contributing to a dysfunctional culture. Together, teams can learn how to use new tools such as charters, councils and communication plans to design an action plan.

CCI is facilitated by Jill Grear, training director for Perfect 10, as well as other communication and culture experts from the company. A veteran educator, speaker and author, Jill helps adult learners develop interpersonal skills that foster good communication, creating cultures where employees want to work and where customers want to do business.

The Communication & Culture Institute consists of six sessions and kicks off Aug. 21. Register your team or learn more here.

About the Goering Center for Family & Private Business
Established in 1989, the Goering Center serves more than 400 member companies, making it North America’s largest university-based educational non-profit center for family and private businesses. The Center’s mission is to nurture and educate family and private businesses to drive a vibrant economy. Affiliation with the Carl H. Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati provides access to a vast resource of business programing and expertise. Goering Center members receive real-world insights that enlighten, strengthen and prolong family and private business success. For more information on the Center, participation and membership visit goering.uc.edu.

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