National media: Report questions expanded Ohio inmate electronic monitoring

A University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute report examining electronic monitoring of Ohio inmates is making headlines this month. The report, released earlier this month to a state taskforce looking at all aspects of supervising inmates upon release, found limited evidence that expanding electronic monitoring of inmates in the state would reduce the rates at which ex-offenders commit new crimes or that it would enhance public safety. Additionally, the report also found that creating a system that would allow real-time monitoring of inmates in the hopes of placing them near crimes would do little to prevent such crimes from happening, although it could help assist investigators and parole officers, according to the report.

The report was conducted as part of a state taskforce created last year by Gov. Mike DeWine to review statewide policies on post-release control supervision of felony inmates who have served their sentences.  The taskforce is expected to have its recommendations for DeWine by the end of the month.  UC’s Edward Latessa, professor of criminal justice and director of the University of Cincinnati’s School of Criminal Justice, is among nine professionals, serving on the group.

Read more in the Associated Press, WCPO, Charlotte Observer, News Tribune, Akron Beacon Journal, Miami Herald and WOSU.



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