Lindner College of Business virtually celebrates faculty and staff awards

Annual awards program recognizes college faculty, staff excellence

The University of Cincinnati Carl H. Lindner College of Business invites the UC community to join in recognizing and celebrating the college’s outstanding faculty and staff for the 2019-20 academic school year.

Many professors and staff members earn named awards and for excellence in service or research. Additionally, members of the college’s adjunct faculty are selected across academic areas.

Approximately 5 students sit at long tables in a classroom at 2925 Campus Green Drive with the professor at the front motioning to writing on a white board. the professor has short dark hair, glasses and is wearing a beige blouse with a dress over it

Roseann Hassey, assistant professor of marketing and the 2019-20 Michael L. Dean Excellence in Classroom Education & Learning Graduate Teaching Award winner, teaching a class in 2017.

“We pride ourselves in providing a professional environment for our students and guests, teaching and practicing ethics, analytic skills, and inclusive excellence that we demonstrate every day,” said Marianne Lewis, dean at the Lindner College of Business. “I firmly believe we are transforming ourselves as we transform our students.”

The in-person reception originally scheduled for April 20, 2020, was canceled due to measures put in place by the state of Ohio and UC to protect the community from the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We pride ourselves in providing a professional environment for our students and guests, teaching and practicing ethics, analytic skills, and inclusive excellence that we demonstrate every day.

Marianne W. Lewis, PhD. Dean and Professor of Management

Join in the celebration on the college’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts, in which several award winners will be recognized daily starting on May 4, 2020.

Congratulations to all recognized faculty and staff at Lindner! Thank you for your service and dedication to developing future business leaders. Read more about the awards and this year’s recipients below.

Staff Awards

Phyllis Trosper Service Excellence Award

  • Larry Porter, Manager of Web Communications, Center for Business Analytics

About the award: Named for Phyllis Trosper retired from Lindner in 1999, this award was created to recognize one staff member each year who demonstrates high levels of customer service, creates cooperative and positive interactions with the college’s constituents and carries out his or her job duties in ways that far exceed standard expectations.

The Lindner Way Award

  • Ashley McFarland, Associate Director, Undergraduate Student Recruitment

About the award: This award honors one staff member for outstanding contributions to the overall vision of the Lindner College through internally and/or externally focused strategic initiatives that cultivate a premier academic institution for education, talent and business knowledge. The selection committee seeks a nominee for this award who exemplifies the values of the College, known as “The Lindner Way.”

Faculty Awards

Outstanding Adjunct Teaching by Academic Areas

  • Accounting – Kim Girling
  • Business Analytics – Matthew Risley
  • Economics – Aziza Lyons
  • Finance – John Cioffi
  • Information Systems – Michael Gattuso
  • Management – Ed Imm
  • Marketing – Wendy Reinhart

Harold J. Grilliot Award for Exemplary Service to Undergraduate Organizations

  • Melissa Newman, Assistant Professor-Educator, Management

About the award: This award was created in memory of the late accounting professor, Harold Grilliot, who was known for his exemplary service to undergraduate student organizations and advancing student-faculty collaborations. Recipients of this award have demonstrated tremendous dedication to students and to enhancing their all-around Lindner experience.

Michael L. Dean Excellence in Classroom Education & Learning Undergraduate Teaching

  • Maureen Bruns, Assistant Professor-Educator, Accounting

About the award: This award recognizes a professor’s contributions within and beyond the classroom, including rigorously challenging students to meet high standards, master skills that will serve them well in professional endeavors and maintaining mentoring relationships even after the courses are completed.

Michael L. Dean Excellence in Classroom Education & Learning Graduate Teaching Award

  • Roseann Hassey, Assistant Professor-Educator, Marketing

About the award: Michael Dean EXCEL Graduate Teaching Award to honors faculty who provide consistently exceptional graduate education in the ways similar as described for this award for undergraduate teaching.

Daniel J. Westerbeck Junior Faculty Graduate Teaching

  • Eli Awtrey, Assistant Professor, Management  

About the award: In 1973, Mr. Daniel Westerbeck earned his MBA from UC. He firmly believed that the Lindner College of Business helped put him on the right track to a very successful business career. He showed his gratitude in 2006 by establishing the Daniel Westerbeck Junior Faculty Graduate Teaching Award to recognize excellence in graduate teaching for faculty early in their career. In addition to outstanding performance in the classroom, the winner of this award exhibits an advanced pedagogy that incorporates interdisciplinary collaboration to expose students to a variety of topics, projects, and cases.

Ronald J. Dornoff Fellow of Teaching Excellence

  • Joshua Clarkson, Associate Professor, Marketing

About the award: This award is in honor of Ron Dornoff, a nationally recognized marketing scholar who served as professor for more than 20 years and marketing department head from 1976-80 and again from 1984-88. The award encourages and rewards dedicated and effective teachers who strive to bring the very best out of their students and thoroughly prepare them for productive and satisfying careers in business.

Drew and Wendy Boyd Breakthrough in Innovative Teaching Excellence Award

  • Michael Jones, Associate Professor-Educator, Economics
  • Molly Rogers, Assistant Professor-Educator, Accounting

About the award: The Drew and Wendy Boyd Breakthrough in Innovative Teaching Excellence Award honors a faculty member who is consistently exceptional in training students to think differently, such as including breakthroughs in teaching into their curriculum as it could be applied to their discipline, using new instructional technology or leveraging new ways to engage and collaborate with students.

Lindner Research Excellence Emerging Scholar Award

  • Ryan Rahinel, Assistant Professor, Marketing
  • Mehmet Saglam, Johnson Assistant Professor, Finance

About the award: This award recognizes a tenure-track faculty member with an impressive and promising research record in the early years of their research.

Excellence in Service to Research Award

  • Karen Machleit, Professor, Marketing

About the award: The Excellence in Service to Research Award recognizes exceptional contributions in research-related service activities in any particular business discipline.

Lindner Research Excellence Award

  • Yan Yu, Professor, Operations, Business Analytics, and Information Systems

About the award: This award recognizes the research contributions of a tenured faculty member with particular emphasis on their contributions over the previous five years.

University Awards

  • Elaine Hollensbe, department head and professor of management, and Suzanne Masterson, associate dean and professor of management, have been named as University of Cincinnati Fellows of the Graduate School. Additionally, Masterson has been named a 2020 fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.
  • Dungang Liu, associate professor of operations, business analytics and information systems, and Anthony Salerno, associate professor of marketing, have been awarded the 2020 Faculty Excellence Award, which is sponsored by the University of Cincinnati Office of the Provost and the Office of Research to honor faculty who have done an outstanding job in teaching, research and service.
  • Karen Machleit, Head and Professor, Department of Marketing, has been awarded the 2020 Faculty Career Award. Read more.
  • David Rapien, Associate Professor-Educator, Operations, Business Analytics, and Information Systems, has been awarded the 2020 George Barbour Award for Good Faculty-Student Relations. Read more.
  • Roger Chiang, Professor, Operations, Business Analytics, and Information Systems, was nominated for the 2020 Distinguished Faculty Research Award.
  • Ric Sweeney, Associate Professor-Educator, Marketing, was nominated for the 2020 Distinguished Teaching Award.

Faculty Retirees

Amit Raturi

  • Professor of Operations, Business Analytics and Information Systems
  • 34 years of service

A professor of Operations and Business Analytics, Amit Raturi started at UC in January 1986. He served as the academic program director for the Industrial Management program for many, many years. Amit founded Back to Business in 2009, a highly unique program for local business professionals experiencing unemployment after the economic downturn. The success of this important program earned him the University’s Award for Faculty Excellence in 2017.

BJ Zirger

  • Associate Professor of Management
  • 29 years of service

BJ Zirger started at UC in 1991 as an associate professor of strategic management. In 2000, she was named the project leader of a Cleveland Foundation Grant, developing many of the college’s leading technology-mediated learning capabilities. Distance learning infrastructure, electronic classrooms upgrades, video-conferencing with the Wright-Pat Air Force Base, part-time online MBA program, BBE Extend with Blue Ash and Clermont, which kick-started the college’s effort for highly developed technology. In 2009-10, Zirger served as interim department head. In 2014, she, along with Drew Boyd and others from CEAS developed popular MOOC courses (Massive Open Online Courses) and consequently were awarded UC’s Innovative Use of Technology in Teaching Award. During a previous administration, she served as associate dean for undergraduate, graduate and innovation – sometimes wearing all three hats at the same time.

Featured image: Two students sit and work at tables outside the south entrance of Carl H. Lindner Hall at 2906 Woodside Drive in fall 2019. Photo by Alex Fradkin Photography via Henning Larsen Architects.

About the Lindner College of Business

At the Carl H. Lindner College of Business, we are committed to developing the next generation of business leaders. By nurturing business problem solvers for more than 110 years, we’ve served as catalysts for innovation and cutting-edge research. Through experiential learning and personalized career development, our students graduate with a competitive advantage in the workforce, ready to tackle global challenges. 

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