Now more than ever - your UC colleagues need your help

Consider giving your unused vacation time to co-workers in need

Did you know?

Did you know when you reach your maximum vacation accrual you can no longer accrue additional vacation hours? Don’t let those valuable hours go to waste. Consider giving your unused vacation time to co-workers who are off work without pay due to a serious health condition.

How to help and contribute

UC sponsors a wonderful Leave Donation Program where faculty and staff can quickly and confidentially donate vacation hours. You can donate vacation hours before you reach your maximum accrual, too, as long as you retain 240 hours of combined paid time off. Your generosity will help to ease the financial strain of those off work without pay.

Learn more

Maximum vacation accruals can be found in UC HR Policy Vacation and Accrual Schedule (21.19) or in the applicable Union Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Not sure how many vacation hours you have?  Find the information at the bottom of your pay statement in ESS. Need help reading your check stub? Review how to read your University of Cincinnati Pay Statement.

For more information, review the Leave Donation Program page and electronically submit a Donor Application Form with DocuSign.


Email the Leave Administration team within UC’s Human Resources Department.