CCMONSTAGE: Watch the CCM Philharmonia's Sept. 12 performance

The virtual concert also features mezzo-soprano and CCM Professor Quinn Patrick Ankrum

Although we are currently unable to perform for you live, audiences can still experience the artistry and expertise of CCM's students, faculty and staff through our CCMONSTAGE Online performance video series.

In our latest featured performance, the CCM Philharmonia presents a socially-distanced concert of works by Jessie Montgomery, Ludwig van Beethoven and Gustav Mahler. Originally recorded on Sept. 12, 2020, the orchestra is also joined by mezzo-soprano and CCM faculty member Quinn Patrick Ankrum, DMA, for a performance of Mahler's Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen. Professor Mark Gibson conducts. Watch the performance video on demand below.


  • Jessie Montgomery (b. 1981): Starburst (2012)
  • Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827): Prometheus Overture, Op. 43 (1801)
  • Gustav Mahler (1860-1911): Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (1897)
  • Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827): Symphony No. 1 in C Major, Op. 21 (1800)

Text For Mahler's Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen

I. Wenn mein Schatz Hochzeit macht

Wenn mein Schatz Hochzeit macht,
Fröhliche Hochzeit macht,
Hab' ich meinen traurigen Tag!
Geh' ich in mein Kämmerlein,
Dunkles Kämmerlein,
Weine, wein' um meinen Schatz,
Um meinen lieben Schatz!

Blümlein blau! Verdorre nicht!
Vöglein süß!
Du singst auf grüner Heide.
Ach, wie ist die Welt so schön!
Ziküth! Ziküth!

Singet nicht! Blühet nicht!
Lenz ist ja vorbei!
Alles Singen ist nun aus!
Des Abends, wenn ich schlafen geh',
Denk' ich an mein Leide!
An mein Leide!

II. Ging heut' Morgen über's Feld

Ging heut' Morgen über's Feld,
Tau noch auf den Gräsern hing;
Sprach zu mir der lust'ge Fink:
"Ei du! Gelt? Guten Morgen! Ei gelt?
Du! Wird's nicht eine schöne Welt?
Zink! Zink! Schön und flink!
Wie mir doch die Welt gefällt!"

Auch die Glockenblum' am Feld
Hat mir lustig, guter Ding',
Mit den Glöckchen, klinge, kling,
Ihren Morgengruß geschellt:
"Wird's nicht eine schöne Welt?
Kling, kling! Schönes Ding!
Wie mir doch die Welt gefällt! Heia!"

Und da fing im Sonnenschein
Gleich die Welt zu funkeln an;
Alles Ton und Farbe gewann
Im Sonnenschein!
Blum' und Vogel, groß und Klein!
"Guten Tag, ist's nicht eine schöne Welt?
Ei du, gelt? Schöne Welt!"

Nun fängt auch mein Glück wohl an?
Nein, nein, das ich mein',

III. Ich hab' ein glühend Messer

Ich hab' ein glühend Messer,
Ein Messer in meiner Brust,
O weh! Das schneid't so tief
in jede Freud' und jede Lust.
Ach, was ist das für ein böser Gast!
Nimmer hält er Ruh',
nimmer hält er Rast,
Nicht bei Tag, noch bei Nacht,
wenn ich schlief!
O weh!

Wenn ich den Himmel seh',
Seh' ich zwei blaue Augen stehn!
O weh! Wenn ich im gelben Felde geh',
Seh' ich von fern das blonde Haar
Im Winde weh'n!
O weh!

Wenn ich aus dem Traum auffahr'
Und höre klingen ihr silbern Lachen,
O weh!
Ich wollt', ich läg' auf der Schwarzen Bahr',
Könnt' nimmer die Augen aufmachen!

IV. Die zwei blauen Augen von meinem Schatz

Die zwei blauen Augen von meinem Schatz,
Die haben mich in die weite Welt geschickt.
Da mußt ich Abschied nehmen vom allerliebsten Platz!
O Augen blau, warum habt ihr mich angeblickt?
Nun hab' ich ewig Leid und Grämen!

Ich bin ausgegangen in stiller Nacht
wohl über die dunkle Heide.
Hat mir niemand Ade gesagt
Mein Gesell' war Lieb und Leide!

Auf der Straße steht ein Lindenbaum,
Da hab' ich zum ersten Mal im Schlaf geruht!
Unter dem Lindenbaum,
Der hat seine Blüten über mich geschneit,
Da wußt' ich nicht, wie das Leben tut,
War alles, alles wieder gut!
Alles! Alles, Lieb und Leid
Und Welt und Traum!

I. When my darling has her wedding-day

When my darling has her wedding-day,
her joyous wedding-day,
I will have my day of mourning!
I will go to my little room,
my dark little room,
and weep, weep for my darling,
for my dear darling!

Blue flower! Do not wither!
Sweet little bird - you sing on the green heath!
Alas, how can the world be so fair?
Chirp! Chirp!
Do not sing; do not bloom!
Spring is over.
All singing must now be done.
At night when I go to sleep,
I think of my sorrow,
of my sorrow!

II. I walked across the fields this morning

I walked across the fields this morning;
dew still hung on every blade of grass.
The merry finch spoke to me:
"Hey! Isn't it? Good morning! Isn't it?
You! Isn't it becoming a fine world?
Chirp! Chirp! Fair and sharp!
How the world delights me!"
Also, the bluebells in the field
merrily with good spirits
tolled out to me with bells (ding, ding)
their morning greeting:
"Isn't it becoming a fine world?
Ding, ding! Fair thing!
How the world delights me!"

And then, in the sunshine,
the world suddenly began to glitter;
everything gained sound and color
in the sunshine!
Flower and bird, great and small!
"Good day, is it not a fine world?
Hey, isn't it? A fair world?"

Now will my happiness also begin?
No, no - the happiness I mean
can never bloom!

III. I have a red-hot knife

I have a red-hot knife,
a knife in my breast.
O woe! It cuts so deeply
into every joy and delight.
Alas, what an evil guest it is!
Never does it rest or relax,
not by day or by night, when I would sleep.
O woe!

When I gaze up into the sky
I see two blue eyes there.
O woe! When I walk in the yellow field,
I see from afar her blond hair
waving in the wind.
O woe!

When I start from a dream
and hear the tinkle of her silvery laugh,
O woe!
Would that I lay on my black bier -
Would that I could never again open my eyes!

IV. The two blue eyes of my darling

The two blue eyes of my darling -
they have sent me into the wide world.
I had to take my leave of this well-beloved place!
O blue eyes, why did you gaze on me?
Now I will have eternal sorrow and grief.
I went out into the quiet night
well across the dark heath.
To me no one bade farewell.
Farewell! My companions are love and sorrow!

On the road there stands a linden tree,
and there for the first time I found rest in sleep!
Under the linden tree
that snowed its blossoms onto me -
I did not know how life went on,
and all was well again!
All! All, love and sorrow
and world and dream!

CCM Philharmonia Roster

Mark Gibson, music director and conductor

Strings after principal stands are listed alphabetically.

Violin I
Magdiell Antequera, concertmaster
Grace Brown, assistant concertmaster
Daniel Fields
Andrew Horak
Jade McClellan
Tiffany Steinweg
Angkun Uabamrungit
Alayne Wegner

Violin II
Grace Wride (1 & 2), principal
Lauren Greene, assistant principal
Yasmine Bougacha
Sydney Ebersohl
Brittany Hausmann
Rachel Mancini

Julius Adams (1), principal
Maya Fields (2), principal
Murphy Combs (4)
Chloe Drake (3)
Celeste Meisel (4)
Javier Otalora (4)
Aadie Ramkumar (4)
Caleb Robinson (3)
Erin Scott (4)
Nathaniel Sendi (3)
Luke Wardell (3)

Max Oppeltz, principal
Marcel Bobe

Double Bass

Taiga Benito (1 & 2), principal
Caleb Edwards (3)
Zoe Heuser (4)
Esther Kwon (3)
Peter McCutcheon (3)
Zachary Reich (4)

Vincenzo Volpe (1)
Caitlyn Lyerly (3)

Willaglys Senior (1)
Elena Suarez Davila (3)
Daniel Outlaw (2)
Dylan Reynallt (4)

Alyssa Barry (1 & 2)
Rachel Beil (3 & 4)

John Robken (1 & 2)
Elizabeth Beeche (3 & 4)

Sarah Palmer (1 & 2)
Sarah Yarbrough (3 & 4)
Will Morgan
Jacob Speakman (4)

Kole Pantuso (1 & 2)
Emery Hicks (3 & 4)

James Smith (5)
Jordan Rowan (5)

Bass Trombone
Simon Jansen (5)

Jacob Ottmer (1)
AJ Hanmer (2)
Ian Marr (2)

Claire Green (2)
Ashley Lim (4)

Brian McCann

Graduate Assistants
Xiao Geng
Caleb Glickman
William R. Langley
Sophie Mok
Shimon Ohi
Kara Piatt
Kin Szeto

Orchestra Librarians
Rebecca Flank
Kristin Welke

Footnote Key
(1): Beethoven Symphony No. 1 principal
(2): Mahler, Prometheus, Starburst principal
(3): Beethoven Symphony No. 1 tutti
(4): Mahler, Prometheus, Starburst tutti
(5): Mahler only

Following health and safety precautions, all CCM ensembles have been reduced in size with instrumentalists spaced apart. Additionally, safety shields are placed between many student musicians on stage, with additional bell masks for trumpets and trombones. Learn more about the steps the university is taking to combat the pandemic on UC's Public Health website.

CCM will continue to record and share selected performances throughout the school year to help us stay connected even when we have to temporarily stay apart. We also look forward to unveiling a new series of specially-produced performance videos later this fall. 

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Additional Contacts

Rebecca Butts | Assistant Public Information Officer | UC College-Conservatory of Music

| 513-556-2675

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