WVXU: Mitch McConnell could win, and still lose

UC faculty David Niven weighs in on the senate race in Ky

If Mitch McConnell wins his senate race but the Democrats win the senate majority, he would be placed in a much lower position of power in the senate, according to the University of Cincinnati's David Niven in an interview on Cincinnati Public Radio.  

"If that happens, the reduction in (McConnell’s) stature would be like night and day,'' said Niven, an associate professor of political science. "He could be reduced to the newly created post of irrelevant minority leader. Instead of being a true voice in American politics, he won't have a voice."   

Niven teaches American politics and conducts research on campaigns, political communication and death penalty policy.

Listen the entire interview. 

Featured image of the capitol building in Washington, DC. Photo/Mendosa/Unsplash

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