WKRC: What’s happening in health

UC's Ashely Merianos featured on health news segment to discuss tobacco smoke and children

Despite major progress in tobacco control, about four in ten children remain exposed to tobacco smoke. This exposure places developing children at higher risk for many health problems, including respiratory illnesses such as asthma, bronchiolitis and pneumonia, according to health services researcher and lead author Ashley Merianos, an associate professor of health promotion and education in UC’s School of Human Services.

Merianos joined Liz Bonis, host of “What’s Happening in Health,” to explain all the ways in which tobacco smokes causes children to use more emergent health care services.

Watch the WKRC interview.

Read more about Merianos' research.

Featured image at top of cigarette burning in ashtray. Photo/Sadnan/Unsplash.

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