Fast Company highlights common cover letter mistakes

Lindner Career Services Center director offers tips to help job seekers

While often overlooked, cover letters are an important part of applying for jobs, Fast Company reported.

Fast Company highlighted six common cover letter mistakes.

One such mistake is not tailoring a cover letter to a particular company, said Liz Pawley, director of professional development and curriculum for the Lindner Career Services Center at the University of Cincinnati College of Business.

“Your resume serves as a short document on your accomplishments and qualifications, and the cover letter is a supplement which should speak to your unique qualifications respective to the specific job posting,” she said.

Another common mistake job seekers make is not proofreading their cover letter.

“Remember that this is a writing sample for employers to consider,” Pawley said. “Mistakes in a cover letter indicate you’re likely to make more mistakes on the job.”

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