Spectrum News: How to teach the Jan. 6 riots in the classroom

UC education expert Sarah Stitzlein explains the importance of teaching about political uprising

On the one-year anniversary of the Jan. 6 riots at Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., UC education expert Sarah Stitzlein was featured in Spectrum News coverage of how the event should be conveyed to school children.

“It is important to talk about in the classroom," Stitzlein said. "Especially our social studies and history teachers recognize the grand significance of what happened on January 6th, how rare this is historically, but also what it reveals about problems in our democracy.”

Stitzlein said the general consensus among her and other educators is to bring up the days’ events in the classroom, especially because she believes lessons can be learned from history.  

Stitzlein is a philosopher of education in UC’s College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services.

Watch the Spectrum News coverage

Stitzlein has also been featured on the education website of Phi Delta Kappan and The Conversation on the same topic. 

Featured image of the capitol building in Washington, DC. Photo/Mendosa/Unsplash


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