‘College Tour’ spotlight: Miles Spearman

Amazon Prime series features University of Cincinnati in upcoming season

As a high school senior, Miles Spearman was accepted to 14 different universities around the nation.

Miles Spearman portrait

He knew he wanted the whole college experience: A university that would encourage professional and creative growth, while allowing him to combine his passions of business and music into a career that would be fulfilling and creative. The University of Cincinnati provided him just that.

Miles is one of 10 students and alumni featured in UC’s episode of “The College Tour,” an Amazon Prime series that features universities from across the country. 

Watch the episode.

Miles shares his experience shooting “The College Tour” episode and what being a Bearcat means to him.

Describe being part of “The College Tour.”

It was an extraordinary experience. The producers, the production team and the photographers were all fantastic to work with. They started by asking us what we thought was most important to share about the University of Cincinnati. They leaned into telling an authentic story from the UC student’s perspective.

What do you want people to know about UC?

I would like prospective students to realize that the University of Cincinnati is preparing to take the world by storm. You can see it with our football team, but I think you will be able to see all that UC has to offer academically and professionally through “The College Tour.” It highlights the co-op program and how students can earn while they learn.

Is there a special moment at UC that stands out to you?

My favorite memory at the University of Cincinnati has to be during my freshman year (fall 2019) when I was walking to my dorm and saw an ice cream truck. When I got my ice cream I saw [UC] President Pinto talking to students. It was so surreal that the president was just standing in front of Marian Spencer Hall speaking with us students about what we wanted to see at the University of Cincinnati. That was one of the first pictures I took with him and it was an awesome experience.

Miles Spearman and friends pose with President Pinto

Miles Spearman and friends pose with President Pinto. Photo/provided

Did you encounter any challenges on your road to becoming a Bearcat?

Absolutely. When I came to UC I was still trying to determine my major. I came into engineering thinking that was the only major that would get me a job. I quickly found out from meeting different students around the colleges that experiential learning opportunities were offered to all kinds of students.

What's next for you?

Dream job: Work as a film producer, social media director or video editor for a major motion picture. I have been a superhero fan since I can remember. I have been able to see so much of the film, music and overarching entertainment industry through internship experiences, and I realized I loved working with creatives. Being a part of a video production team would be a dream, because I’d be a part of sharing legendary stories.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your experience at UC?

I would let other students know that there is no better time to be a Bearcat than right now! The university has so much to offer. UC allows you to combine your passions through any college on campus. There is truly something for everyone. I am extremely excited to see what the next few years have in store for me and for all Bearcats.

Photos/Andrew Higley/UC Creative + Brand

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