My 3 study tips and favorite places to study as a UC nursing student

Here's how I stay on top of the academic demands of nursing school

By: Sarah Bussard, Bachelor of Science in Nursing '24; Nursing Student Ambassador; Peer Leader

Tip 1: Stay Organized


My planner

My first piece of advice is to stay organized with either a tangible or virtual planner. This has really helped me to separate homework time from study time from personal time. As a student who values the visual aspect, it is very beneficial to cross off tasks so that I can physically see what I have completed versus what I still need to do. Overall, staying organized has kept me level-headed and less stressed out about due dates and deadlines.

Tip 2: Use Student Support Resources

Another piece of advice I have is to utilize the Learning Commons resources — they have options for every student. For example, if you prefer to have one-on-one help, there are peer tutors available for the more rigorous courses. Also, if you prefer help in a group setting, there are supplemental instructors who hold weekly review sessions and all students are welcome. As a freshman, I attended two sessions per week to review Anatomy and Physiology content. This resource saved me and my grades. It is a great way to study the content as you go through the course, rather than studying for the exam and then forgetting the material.

Pro tip: Sometimes your professors will meet with your study group, if you just ask!

Sarah Bussard

Tip 3: Try Something New

My final piece of advice is to try out new study techniques. In high school, I always studied by myself. Having this alone time in a quiet space always helped me to be successful and I still use this technique, but I have learned the value of study groups. Teaching others is the best way to check your knowledge of the content. It is also very helpful to bounce ideas off of each other and ask for help. Pro tip: Sometimes your professors will meet with your study group, if you just ask!

Bonus: My Favorite Study Spots

My favorite place to study during freshman year was in the (Carl H.) Lindner College of Business. During COVID, it was silent because there were no classes on campus. Now that classes are back on campus, it gets very busy there. However, if you are able to sign out a private study room, it is an amazing space. As for this year, I discovered the Health Sciences Library on the Medical Campus. It is a huge space, so I never struggle to find space. I highly recommend this if you're willing to walk the 15 minutes it takes to get there. Finally, if you are in need of a lowkey study session and some coffee, The 86 is great!