WVXU: Scientists track next virus down to ZIP code

Ohio researchers develop new models for tracking pandemic

Researchers in Ohio are working to improve the predictive models that help public health officials track pandemics such as COVID-19.

WVXU highlighted research by the University of Cincinnati to develop new computational models with collaborators at the University of Dayton and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

Manish Kumar.

Manish Kumar

UC College of Engineering and Applied Science professor Manish Kumar contributed to the project designed to help health officials know with better accuracy when and where to recommend interventions such as wearing face masks or social distancing.

By getting reliable data in real time, researchers can develop predictive models and run simulations with fine detail that can give the public more confidence in preventive steps to protect their health.

According to WVXU, their model learns from health department data and tries to predict the spread 15 days out based on human behavior. Then it compares the prediction to what actually happened.

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