UC staff have elected their 2022-24 Staff Senators

89 candidates ran and 39 new senators were elected

Congratulations go out to the newly elected Staff Senate members!  

Elections were held the first two weeks of May, with 89 candidates looking to fill open seats representing their VP area or in At-Large appointments. New senators will begin their two-year term July 1, 2022, or will begin a one-year term on that date if completing a term due to a vacancy.

“I want to thank all who ran and took the time to vote, and I especially extend my congratulations to all incoming Senators," says Heidi Pettyjohn, 2021-2023 Chair of Staff Senate. “Staff Senate continues to represent the voice of all UC staff, and we are excited to have your involvement." 

The Staff Senate was established in 2018 as an advisory board to university leadership and continues to serve UC staff through advocacy, education and appreciation.

Newly elected Staff Senators

We are pleased to welcome 39 new senators recognized below.

Senator Term 2022-2024

Division – Academic Affairs and Provost

McKinley Estime                        CECH Innovations & Comm Partnerships 
Keisha James                             CON Human Resources
LaDreka Karikari                       A&S Academic Recruitment 
Kiana Million                             CON AD for Academics
Keith Sun                                     LCB Career Services 
Lauren White                           CECH Student Services Center

Division - Administration & Finance

Mark Berlon                            Maintenance & Ops Carp/Sign Shop
Lori Bishop-Ley                       HR Staff Success Center
Molly Bromen                         HR Wellness at UC

Division - General Counsel

Mary Yeager                                  Internal Audit

Division – Health Affairs

Marty Brookhart                     COM Acct/Grants B
Sissy Davidson-Baker             COM Human Resources/Fac Affairs
Carolyn Egbert                        COM Dean Med ED Curriculum
Dina Gomaa                            COM Surgery Trauma Research
Shelia Holmes-Strauss           COM Surgery Business Affairs
Charles Mullins                       COM Acct/Grants D
Courtney Orndorff                  COM Acct/Grands B
Tracy Pritchard                       COM Dean Med ED Curriculum
Jennifer Ray                             Cancer Center Administrative Core

Division – Innovation

James Currie                         OoI External Relations

Division – President’s Executive Office

Andrew Higley                     MC Creative and Brand

Elected one-year term 2022-2023 for Academic Affairs vacancy

Corrine Cook                       CEAS Advising
Hannah Becker                    Academic Affairs Institutional Research
Dana Bisignani                    SA UC Womens Center

Elected one-year term 2022-2023 for A&F vacancy

Nicole Morgan                   Bursar Operations

Elected one-year term 2022-2023 for Health Affairs vacancy

Keith Harker                       COM EH Business Office-IT

Elected one-year term 2022-2023 for Public Safety vacancy

Kelly Cantwell                    Office of Public Safety

At-Large Senator Term 2022-2024

At-Large UC Clermont

Jennifer Radt                     CC Student Affairs & Services


Lisa Burke                          EM FA Comp, Proc & Schol
Derek Chiteve                    CON AD for Nursing Research
Alexa Justice                      EICI Title IX Office
Denita Kelly                       SA Resident Education & Development
Pamela Latham                  CCM Media Production
Ashley Levesque-Nwaichi  EM Enrollment Management Business
Amberly Maryo                  DAAP Student Affairs
Andres Obregon-Mantilla  SA Resident Education & Development
Craig Person                       UCL CEAS Library
Molly Scruta                       UCBA Multicultural Affairs
Katherine Vance                 SA Accessibility Resources

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