Meduza: Genocide in Ukraine

Visiting Scholar at the UC College of Law defines genocide

Meduza is an international publication released in Russian and English language and based in Riga, Latvia. The publication includes news and feature stories from across the former Soviet Union. It features the English-language podcast, ‘The Naked Pravda.’

The Naked Pravda invites guests to discuss genocide in Ukraine following the Russian invasion as part of an hour-long podcast. Erin Farrell Rosenberg, a Visiting Scholar with the Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights at the University of Cincinnati College of Law, was one of four panelists discussing genocide and how it’s understood both legally and in terms of history and politics.

Listen to the podcast from Meduza online.  (Erin Farrell Rosenberg is the first speaker and starts at 4:45 minutes.)

Learn more about the work of Erin Farrell Rosenberg online.

Featured image of a protest in London, UK, against Russia's invasion of Ukraine is courtesy of Unsplash.