British GQ: Why the end of Roe is terrible for men, too

UC abortion care expert Danielle Bessett weighs the holistic complications of abortion bans

The overturning of Roe v. Wade has placed most of the focus on women and the debate surrounding “my body, my choice.” But men will be affected by abortion bans as well, say experts in abortion rights and access to abortion care.

“Men need to be honest with themselves about what would happen after an unwanted pregnancy,” UC’s Danielle Bessett, a sociology professor in UC's College of Arts and Sciences, told British GQ.

The magazine article outlines the reasons men should get involved in the discussion to include concern for the women in their lives and the risk of persecution for assisting with abortion care.

Bessett, who also holds an affiliate faculty position in UC’s Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, is often cited in national publications due to her research in abortion care. She teaches courses on medicine, family, and reproduction at UC and her current research projects examine patient experiences of abortion care and disparities in contraceptive access, prenatal care, and infant mortality.

Bessett co-leads OPEN, the Ohio Policy Evaluation Network, which conducts rigorous, interdisciplinary research to assess the reproductive health and well-being of Ohioans in the context of federal and state laws, regulations, and policies.

Read the British GQ article.

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