The Columbus Dispatch Op-Ed: 'Getting serious about seriousness'

UC President Pinto praises state, federal leaders for driving Intel strategy and passing CHIPS Act

Remember the last time you got serious about something? You likely achieved your desired result. Why? Getting serious is a forcing function. It forces focus. It forces discipline. It forces decisiveness. It forces resolve.

Look at those you admire most. They’re serious people. Serious about being a better parent, a better friend, a better professional, a better listener, a better learner or a better human.

Unserious people may entertain. But it’s the serious people who inspire. 

Katherine Boyle, a journalist turned investor, believes America’s fate is rooted in seriousness. Historically, our nation thrives when we get serious about solving problems. We suffer, by contrast, when we allow unserious agendas to rule the day.

Last month Congress passed the CHIPS and Science Act by a wide margin with bipartisan support. On August 9, the President signed it into law. This bill is the most serious effort yet to build the resources and runway for America to elevate its technology game.

Read UC President Neville Pinto's full column in The Columbus Dispatch

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