Local 12: UC grad creates app to help kids with physical therapy

EVOLVE hopes to begin testing with providers, patients soon

Inspired by her own experience of going through physical therapy, a University of Cincinnati alumna is developing an app to make therapy fun for children, Local 12 reported.

Nicole Chance

Nicole Chance

Nicole Chance found her physical therapy for scoliosis to be boring and confusing and saw younger kids who struggled even more than she did. That was her inspiration to develop an app called EVOLVE that will help kids complete their exercises while having fun.

"We are exploring by the realms of maybe a customizable character, being able to unlock trophies or being able to earn clothing for your character or redeem points for something,” Chance said.

EVOLVE, a Venture Lab-backed startup, has received funding through UC’s 1819 Innovation Hub, which Chance is using to develop her app. She hopes to begin testing with providers and patients soon.

"To be able to have a true impact on people is what I’m most excited about,” Chance said.

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Featured image at top: Art from EVOLVE's app. Images courtesy of Nicole Chance

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